More tropical storms brewing


Looks like there are two more storms brewing up. Daniel and Earl looks Like Earl might be heading towards land. We are going in 12 days I really would love to see the weather pattern improve. I fell a little guilty counting down the days to out vacation after all the horabile things that have happened with Charley. We will be in Florida have a great time while hundreds of people are re building their lives.


2 more storms? OH GOd! That is such a shame. I can understand your guilt with having a great vacation with destruction everywhere to been seen. As I said in another post, tourism and supporting the community is important too. May not feel like much, but it is important in it’s own right. As Sandi said “the Red Cross is accepting donations” any dollar would help out. Hope the weather takes a turn for the better before you arrive. Maybe Mother Nature will give the Floridians a break on these next two storms and they stay out at sea. Prayers to all :flowers:


We def feel the same. This time i can actually wait to go on vacation because i want all of this bad weather to go away!


Earl is projected to stay way SW of FL. Danielle is headed into the Atlantic. Even so, I am watching the tropics with interest. We watch and wait.


This summer really has been wet and horrible, both Northeast and South. Meanwhile, the midwest really needs the rain. Keeping fingers crossed that this rain and devastating weather stops but soon!


First off, don’t feel guilty. It’s something we Floridians deal with. It’s the height of hurricane season and it’s something that we should expect. It’s extremely sad and I feel for everyone involved. We got the outer bands as it passed along in the gulf west of us and it caused some pretty big damage here. Yes there are those 2 storms out there and it looks like Earl is the only one that will come this way. There is no way of telling so just keep watching the weather…but enjoy your trip…just say a prayer for everyone.


See this is what I miss about the Gulf coast. Sorry I actually like hurricane season. It rains for at least 7 months straight down in mobile AL and we get most of the downpour starting from hurricane season. living in Central al, we still get hurricane threats but of course not as bad as further south. Well so far we’re up to the E’s I see. I wonder how many letters we will get into this year!
It’s really funny though, no one really thinks about hurricanes until the get bad, but for us in this region it’s pretty much like snow for those up north, I suppose?