More trouble for monorails today


From the Orlando Sentinel:
Smoke at Disney: Smoke reported at monorail platform at Magic Kingdom. –


Yikes. :sad: No bueno.


Hope it’s fixed in 19 days.


We were at the MK this morning. Came out about 1010am and saw the firetrucks, lights etc. We were going to take the Monorail from the MK over to TTC and then over to Epcot.
Took a bus instead back to the Beach Club then walked over <g>.


It is reported that the Epcot line is still operating, as are all watercraft.
Effectively, this should cause no real problems for monorail resort guests or guests heading directly to TTC.
Contemporary is a walkable distance, while those with ECVs and other types of wheelchairs are going to need a bus to the Poly and GF because the little resort launches can’t accommodate handicapped passengers.
I’m not sure what kind of bus coverage they have going on, but this looks like it’s only a minor to moderate pain in the neck.


Well that’s a bummer for those needing the monorail, but I am certain WDW will have it fixed ASAP…they always magically do. Things break…pooh happens. Life goes on.


LOL “pooh happens”


that must of been a real chore for anyone there at the time or time surrounding this as far as having to make alternative plans and buses etc. But I am sure that Disney was right on it and are making whatever it was better again as we speak. I know I would of been bummed if i was caught up in it but at the end of the day-these things happen-even in the most magical of places. I would rather no it is safe and have a few plans disrupted than anything worse.


Well luckily no one got hurt this time and it doesn’t sound like too big of a problem. I’m sure Disney will have things up and running better than ever in no time. :mickey:


Looks like they are up and running.

Walt Disney World Monorail System news - Full Monorail service resumed