Most crowded disney


well we are back and just thought id say Hi… i do have pictures which are not downloaded … I will try to get to some type of trip report.if anybody is interested. . the one thing i have to say WOW!!! i have never, ever, ever, seen disney especially magic kingdom this crowded. even when we used to go during summer. high note was riverside it was great. we will be going back there dh is now spoiled and has not interest in ever staying at a value again. the beds were wonderful. … be back later.


Welcome back, glad you had a great time, looking forward to the TR!


Welcome back. I have to stay that I’ve been hearing a lot of the same reports; BUSY AS ALL HECK! Hope you had a wonderful trip.


Welcome back. Sorry it was so crowded, we’ve been hearing a lot of that lately. I know it’s good for Disney but I know we all enjoy less crowded parks.


Wow! You think it was the Spring Break crowds or the deal crowds!! Good for Disney! Can’t wait to see pictures!


I’m getting nervous. We leave on Monday, and it’s suppose to be at a level 5 crowd wise, but with everyone’s comments, and me not being able to get the adr’s I wanted, I’m seriously getting nervous. I can handle the crowds, but Disney Mom will be using one of those electrical scooters, which will be hard to maneuver in a crowd. Anyways, looking forward to your trip report!


We were there the same time it was CRAZY I never saw so many people in one place before. It was so crowded . We parked in the last row of the parking lot one day at AK.


I think you will be ok, most people will be returning home, spring breakers should be headed out of there by the time you arrive.

WELCOME BACK faerie dust!


Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear some details!


ah another convert…welcome…last night was one of the busiest i have ever seen studios…,they had magical hours and the crowd was huge late into the night,but that being said it was great ,ate at brown derby ,it was fantastic…hving a great time …saratoga springs has been OK ,but still haven’t grown accustom to the weak food court,we just avoid it at all costs …just glad to be here…also it would be interesting to see how many people are on the dining plan it seems to be growing in popularity ,each trip…


also ,have not seen as many cars in the parking lot since post 9/11 when a lot of people were avoiding flying


Welcome home! I cant wait to read another TR. I hope you get the pics uploaded soon. Im having a withdraw.