Most economical/safe way to grocery store


I have looked into online groceries & have decided to just go to the store while I’m at WDW. Should I:

  1. rent a car
  2. take WDW bus to downtown disney, run across street to Goodings & bus back
  3. bus to DTD, go to goodings, taxi back
    4)taxi both ways? (how expensive is this?)
  4. taxi to another grocery store? which is closest to beach club villas? how much will taxi cost me round trip?

I am in need of your expertise… thanks!:confused:


You can check taxi fare here: - Taxi Service at Disney World


With everything at WDW, they will make it available…at a cost. Any of your ideas will work. If you rent a car, they will pick you up/drop you off. Most, if not all resorts have their own shop with a decent selection of groceries. With the cost of convenience of having it at the resort, you will spend just as much…if not more to rent, taxi etc. Check you resort out and see what they have :slight_smile:


Take a cab. If I remember correctly you’d have to cross a pretty busy highway to get from DTD to Goodings.


I honestly think ti would be so much easier to just use the online grocery sites. I have used them twice now and i am planning to use them again next month. It is just so convenient and I really don’t think they are that much more expensive.


Taxi both ways is easiest. Ask for a reduced rate if ypu book the return trip with the driver who took you there.


If you are looking to save cash, you may want to choose a store besides Goodings, even though it is a personal favorite of ours. The Goodings prices, combined with taxi fare, will be as much if not more than ordering groceries online from Disney or from one of the other delivery places. There are a lot of stores in the area that are priced better and will save you $$$.


taxi fare will be more than delivery fee of $12. Prices at goodings are inflated. Not to mention the time you are wasting to go,shop, get back to resort etc. Online is the way to go. If you need something that is not on their list, then add it in the comment sections. They deliver it to your resort and if you aren’t there bell services will hold it for you and keep perishables cold until you return.


avoid goodings,we arrived on easter sunday and other supermarkets the towncar stops at were closed ,stuck with goodings ,better off buying on the resort prices were so high…we have found albertsons and the other local supermarket,of which the name escapes me now,are much better


My MIL is coming to stay with us Monday night, so we can go by car to wherever I want… I may look at… I didn’t realize it was only $12 for delivery.


If you are going to have a car then go out Hotel Blvd, make a L onto 535 and there will be a grocery store about a mile up on the right.


yeah, we will go out on Monday, but are arriving Friday, so it looks like gardengrocer will have to do until then! thanks for all your help!


I have found:
Winn Dixie 2925 International Dr. Kissimmee FL 34746
map quest 4.41 miles away

Walmart 3250 Vineland Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34746-4893
Mapqust: 5.95 miles awa.

Mousesavers calculator gives you a decent idea of the taxi fare
Orlando Airport Limousine, Towncar, Motorcoach, Passenger Van - Charter Rates