Most evil kitty


Who gets your vote for disney’s most evil kitty!?!


Lucifer :slight_smile:


Lucifer!!! Bad…bad Lucifer!!!


I definately voted Scar, he made me SO absolutely angry in Lion King, he wasn’t even amusingly evil, he was flat out TERRIBLY EVIL!! UGH!


I voted for Lucifer, although Scar was a very close 2nd!


Hey, where’s Yzma?? She’s my favorite evil kitty!

But rating on terms of evilness, I’d have to say Lucifer is by far the evilest!!!


Si and Am scared the pants off me when I was a kid!!! I HATED them!!!


Scar for sure! No redeeming qualities. He’s the worst :mad:


Scar killed his own brother…and went after his nephew…going after family members…priceless in the evil category!


It’s Scar to me! Pure evil to the bone.


I voted other because I want YZMA! She is pure evil…and AWESOME! lol

p.s. I LOVE your avatar!


I agree!!

ps. Thank you!! I am obsessed!! Book, musical, soundtrack… Wicked is FABULOUS. Do you like it too?? I suppose that’s a topic for another thread… hijack over. :angel:


Scar… he ruined his family! Plus he had those deranged Hyenas backing him up… freaky.


Scar…Killing your own family is just evil :frown:


Those darn cats from Lady and the tramp. I got upset with them :dry:


I didn’t think I was going to be able to vote because I like the cats… but Si and Am… they’re evil.

Sheath your claws, friends… but I like Scar. He’s kind of deliciously evil.

PJ & PT… I’ve never seen the show, but I never fail to be amused by my friend Stefanie wearing a shirt with the phrase “defy gravity” across her rather impressive bosom. Hee.


Andrea - I also LOVE :heart: LOVE cats!
we have 8…yes eight…cats…hee hee

P.S. That is too funny, for people who don’t know Wicked she must get some shocked looks when wearing that tee :laugh:


I voted for those cats from Lady and the Tramp. They were creepy.


This thread made me have cats in my dream last night. They were real cats, not animated, and they meowed really loud and I couldn’t figure out what they wanted!!!