Most overrated ride at WDW


This is an arguement I get in with friends everytime we hit the parks. “What is the most overrated ride at (current park we are in)” or “what is the most overrated park at WDW.” So, I’m curious to find out what you all think is the most overrated ride at Disney.

I wanted to keep the list down to ten rides or less, but ended up with 11. I was also going to include Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, but who could dislike either of those?

The basis for this poll was to take the more popular attractions that usually featured the longest lines. For example, Peter Pan’s Flight fast pass return is usually three weeks from next Wednesday. Last time I checked, standby wait would get you in by Feb 9th, 2008! :laugh: Besides of Dinosaur and The Haunted Mansion, the rides listed in the poll typically have a 30-60+ minute wait at any given time.

My vote went to Test Track.


Peter’s Pan flight is so overrated. I couldn’t believe we used up a fast pass for it. Granted we got a wish for fast passes to space mountain when were getting one for Peter Pan so it wasn’t so bad. They actually had a survey going for the ride when we got off. We said it wasn’t worth the wait other than using a fast pass and wasn’t really appealing to our kids who are a little older.


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overrated? WEll I guess it depends on who you ask. I don’t think any of them are overrated, but there are a few I don’t bother with cause they don’t interest me. I don’t like half the attractions at AK, but love going for the safari, EE, ITTAB and the animals…that’s it for me there. I think the rides in Epcot’s future world excluding Soarin are a waste of time personally. I cannot stand spacehip earth. I don’t really feel that way about many MK attractions excpet the magic carpets of alladin, small world and all of toon town…it depends on who you are traveling with and what your interests are I suppose. Who’s to say what is or isn’t overrated. I love Peter pan…I never wait for it however cause I tour FL first as soon as the park is open and can complete the entire land in about 35minutes…lol


Astro Orbiter - MK
Tomorrowland Speedway - MK
Let’s start with these. Tomorrowland Speedway? I drive an average of 74 MPH for 3 hours to get to WDW. I drive at 50 MPH on World Drive as I head into the MK. I’m going to get into something with a 2 HP lawnmower engine and go 7 MPH with my foot mashed to the floor? No!
Astro Orbiter is fluff and it actually revolves too fast to really enjoy the view and it’s not much more than your standard carnival ride up on top of a building. Sure, I’ll ride it if the lines aren’t bad, but really, it’s scenery.
These are not my votes for most over rated, but they are the most over rated of the group, but not landmark rides, so not really qualifying as most over rated. That’s going to be an E-ticket ride.

I don’t think HM should be on this list, it’s really a 40 year old dark ride, let’s see how the enhancements look. Peter Pan shouldn’t either, at this point it’s a classic dark ride.
Space Mountain also doesn’t belong here, for what it is, it’s pretty good. The problem is, despite the hype, SM is nothing more than a large mini-coaster. It’s not a disappointment because, in the coaster world, it’s a sentimental favorite, but not a thrill junkie’s ride.
The middle disappointments:
Dinosaur (I hate the EMVs)
Test Track, the high speed run could and should be longer.

We’re getting close now.
Soarin’ is in no way an over rated ride. It pushes ride technology to the edge.
Tower of Terror, especially since they randomized the drops puts it at the top of the list of drop rides, especially because of the dark ride elements before you get to the main event.

So, for me, Expedition Everest is the most over rated, followed by RnRCoaster.
When you stop and think that Dueling Dragons was designed for AK and Disney chickened out, EE doesn’t even come close, despite the state of the art rapid change switches that allow the train to reverse direction twice during the ride.
In the beginning, RnRCoaster was not an over rated ride, but as other parks have opened other coasters, it has become eclipsed over the last 8 years. Maybe if they’d made it longer and added two more inversions, it would still blow my skirts up.


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Tomorrow land speedway… the line is rediculous!!


Totally agree with you on Soarin’. Dana, shame on you for saying Soarin’ is over-rated! :ohmy: It truly is something to experience. Anyway, my vote also went for Expedition Everest. I…just don’t think it lived up to the hype. The ‘Yeti’ is pretty cool I guess, but the rest of the ride wasn’t enough to make AK a must-see on our trips.


I always figured the lines were really long on Peter Pan because it’s in Fantasyland and I suppose it’s mostly for kids although I know several adults, including myself, do enjoy it.


OK. I voted for PP, and not because I DON’T LIKE IT, but because I agree, getting a fastpass at noon to get you on the ride (Which really needs to be dusted, cleaned and polished, AND could use a few upgrades) at 7pm is NUTS!!! I still am always amazed at the length of the fast pass for this ride. My two DDs LOVE IT and would wait until next week to ride it!!! But, I think it could do with an overhaul!

Soundgod, you said it when you said it falls into the “classic” category . . . Lke It’s a Small World . . . I know everyone makes fun . . . but when we are riding through it and my DD3’s eyes are like giant saucers and she’s dancing and singing and saying look over there Mommy, and there and there . . . now that is Disney Magic AT WORK!!! :happy: :happy:


Dana said "excluding Soarin’ , tisk, tisk :pinch:


Well I can narrow this down real quick as half of these rides I have not or will not ride. They are EE, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, Test Track and Tower of Terror. I want to do Test Track but something has happened every trip and we still have not been able to ride.

My pick would have to be Peter Pan. The reason: I have never been able to figure out why those lines are so long? :confused: Even Dumbo moves faster! We ride it just about every trip but only if we can get on it first thing in the morning before the lines get long!


The Hulk…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Honestly, the only rides in WDW I won’t go on again are Mission Space because I am semi-claustrophobic and not a fan of seizures:blink: and primEVILwhirl…for much the same reasons. I would happily stand in long lines any day of the week for anything else DIsney has to offer me.:happy:

…I now neither of those were on the list…


I have to say that I love Soarin, Expedition Everest, and Space Mountain…although they do not fall into my idea of a thrill coaster/ride. I am used to the rides that you have your nails dug into the persons arm next to you because it is that scary, so the rides are just small rides for me…
my vote would have to be Big thunder mountain…it just didn’t have big enough hills/drops on it…


Hey, what did the cake in Animal House read on top?
What did the pill say to Alice?

The only problem with Hulk is it’s frontloaded, after the loop after the station fly by, it’s pretty much over except for the double corkscrew after the brake run. Those first 5 inversions come hard and fast, one after the other. I think you’re just used to it, that’s all. And for the record, Hulk was never officially the number 1 coaster in the world. There was a Discovery Channel show where they had a double top 5, top 5 wood, top 5 steel, and Hulk placed higher than Millenium Force or Superman Ride of Steel at SFNew England which are usually number 1 and 2, but Universal gets to put up the billboards saying it’s number 1 through a technicality.


I’m sorry. I think Test Track is overrated. I love the speed test at the end of it, but the rest is just plain boring. I don’t know why it qualifies as a “thrill-ride”. As for the rides like EE, RnRC, etc…to a true coaster fan, these probably won’t fit the bill, but for us middle of the roaders they do pretty well. I do find that I will attempt rides at WDW that I wouldn’t anywhere else because of the themeing and other aspects of the ride. I’m even starting to get genuinely psyched about riding ToT.


… “Overrated” is what we tell ourselves any time we find a ride that has a line that is too long to wait in! LOL!!!