Most Romantic Disney Spot


My wife and I are visiting in June with family and will be having a “date night” during the middle of the week. After being maried for 32 years, where is the most romantic place in the Magic Kingdom we can visit.


My spot is Sunset Point at the Poly, the fireworks are going off over the castle, and we have the whole point to ourselves with a bottle of wine.
This is also the spot I picked to do a suprise vow renewal a few years back. The minister had his back to the water and the sun had just come up over the trees and the castle was glowing.


Agree with Rich, anywhere on that beach is romantic. But if you’re looking for something inside the park maybe try the Rose Garden to the right of the castle, or Cindy’s fountain to the left right behind the castle. At night when everyone else is on Mainstreet waiting for the fireworks you could go to the top of Swiss Family Treehouse.


The gardens around the front of the castle are really nice, expeically when it’s a lttlw quieter later in the evening before the park closes.

I also like the hedged walk way at the side of the Space Mountain exit, I think it goes along the Queen of Hearts hedge maze.


The most romantic spot is not at Magic Kingdom. Its the Sea Breeze Point gazebo on the Boardwalk. After all, thats where I’m tying the knot :biggrin:


You’re getting married? Oh Rowdy!! Congratulations, my dear friend!!




Thyanx to all!!! I think walking around visiting all you have suggested will make a great evening. Cant wait to walk down main street hand in hand with my honey.




I like how you just slipped that right on in there!


And will there be photos and a trip report? We love a Disney wedding you know. :slight_smile:


TMU hope you have a great time and make some wonderful memories.

(Congrats Rowdy)


Oh Rowdy, do tell. Is the wedding coming up real soon? So happy for you!!!


Spoodles, on a cold, rainy evening.

Sigh! :crying:


Congrats, Rowdy!


Thank you all for the congrats! The wedding is September 22nd, and I do plan to give a report if I’m not completely exhausted from all the planning.


I read that “hand in hand with my money” :laugh: You got to keep both hands on your money at WDW.

I have to go with Rich and the Poly beach. Time it just right after a nice meal, you can sit on the beach (Do they still have hammocks out there?) watch the Water Parade, fire works over the Castle, boat traffic, and enjoy being with each other. That is one of my favorite spots for time with Mrs Tigger.

There are a lot of other areas around WDW that could be deemed romantic as well. Sometimes we just grab a funnel cake to share and park out at one of the out of the way benches facing the castle and take in the show (people and fireworks).


Dude, I arrive on September 23! Since I haven’t bought my airline tickets yet… :whistling:tongue:


I think they planned it that way…


That’s your subconscious running your life. It’s telling you to not book until you extend your stay through the start of the F&W Fest when a bunch of other MB’rs will be visiting.


I think it’s my subconscious wondering if I’ll still be at my current job in September.:laugh: