Most Romantic Resort?


Hey all! Starting to plan our honeymoon and I am actually in need of opinions. I have typically stayed at the All-Stars for my trips, but want to do something nicer for this one (only get married once, right :blush: ). Anyway, which resort do you think is the most romantic? I am pretty sure I can work up a budget for a deluxe, but a good atmosphere is most important.



Congrats on the Wedding.

For a Mod I would pick POFQ for romance.

For a Deluxe Poly would be my 1st choice, relaxing in the beach in hammocks with a breeze blowing then ending the day watching the fireworks over the castle. WL and AKL are a close tie for 2nd.


Well, it depends on your style. I think that AKL is pretty romantic, and you could rent points for a studio or one-bedroom (with a whirlpool tub!) for a decent price.

If you’re going all out here, I would vote the Grand Floridian or Poly for having the most romantic atmospheres, by most people’s standards. But I think romantic atmosphere is a really personal thing, so I’d recommend looking at pictures and deciding for yourself!


Would stay at the GF. Poly is nice but the GF seems less crowded. When I was young parents always stayed in nice quiet places with less kids. Since I’m married now, guess I think like them. No matter which one you choose it will be right. Just enjoy .


LMM has a valid point. That it’s a very personal choice depending on what you envision as romantic. For example, several have picked Poly and that probably would be one of my last choices. Reason being, so many visitors. The lobby is always bustling Ohana lines, and I hear about so many people checking out the beach, etc. But, when I first read your question, first resort that popped into my head would be POFQ. The resort is small and quaint, and very quiet. That’s what I envision of romantic, not dealing with the “buzz” in the air, and having time to take quiet walks and good conversations with your loved one. There is a carriage ride over that way also.


Coronado Springs has a great romantic vibe, especially at night when it is all lit up.

Take a romantic walk on the white sand beach, sit in a hammock and watch the lights shimmer off the lake. Grab a drink before heading over there from Laguna Bar.


Port Orleans French Quarter, King bed with a River view - request building one.


This is hard because there are so many choices and so many opinions. I think Wilderness Lodge and Grand Floridian would be my top two choices, both resorts are beautiful and always feel so peaceful to me.


This is such a personal thing…everyone’s idea of romance is different.

I agree with DT that Wilderness Lodge would be very romantic. In the mods I’d take POFQ.


For us it would be GF or WL.


Thanks guys for the input! I was thinking Port Orleans, but I was wondering more about riverside than French Quarter. I also was curious about Coronado Springs, but have never really been there.


I would say POR over POFQ. There is just nothing romantic about those huge heads hanging in the food court. EEK! POR has so many meandering paths, and the quiet poos. Also, CBR has a romantic tropical feel as well.


There is nothing more romantic than a quiet poo. :laugh: Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I agree though POR would be my choice between those two.


I’m always thinking Riverside. :heart:

POFQ is fine, I thought it was a lovely place to stay, but I prefer POR. I like the trees and the “wilds” (!) of Alligator Bayou.


[QUOTE=Andrea;1132629]I’m always thinking Riverside. :heart:

POFQ is fine, I thought it was a lovely place to stay, but I prefer POR. I like the trees and the “wilds” (!) of Alligator Bayou.[/QUOTE]

…I’ve stayed in Magnolia Bay (do they still call it that?) and POR is pretty but you couldn’t pay me to stay in anything called or associated with an Alligator!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: :laugh::laugh:

I never go to WDW for “romance” so I can’t really comment on that part. We stay at FQ because it’s small. If you are down in building 1—it’s really quiet—and—there is a walkway all around the resort and back to POR. We have walked to POR easily.


Coronado Springs received a recent refurb, and being a conference center hotel, it is a little more “upscale” than the other moderates (but you also have convention-goers there). But, with Coronado Springs, you can reserve a room with a king bed, a water view, or a suite! I checked, and you can reserve a king room with a “river view” at POFQ, and it looks as if they’ve also recently undergone a refurb. Same with POR. Sorry I’m very little help…

So Coronado Springs has the advantage if you want a suite, but otherwise, it’s a fairly even playing field.

That being said, I’m glad I took the time to research these resorts because they all look so lovely, and now I’m thinking I might be missing out, having never stayed at a moderate… another reason to go back? :laugh:


Dh and I go ervery year for our anniversary.we love riverside and french quarter.we love akl.all very pretty . Love akl grounds for romantic walks.riverside has carriage rides.


We stayed at Port Orleans (now POFQ) for our honeymoon many years ago) and loved it. It is small quiet and quaint. Easy access to POR and makes for a nice walk. Deluxe, we love GF. Sitting in the lobby and the staircases is just so special. But as others have said everyone has a different taste in romance. Best wishes.


WL and perhaps AKL.
I’m still partial to the Contemporary’s club level, but basically, any concierge level room will offer the little extra touches that a honeymoon deserves. Also to be considered are Yacht or Beach, the GF, and Poly, though I lean towards one large “grand” hotel as opposed to hotels with multiple lodging buildings. I know there are fans of Boardwalk, but it leaves me a little cold, as does Poly. If you’re going to think about vacation club locations, I guess I’d go with Bay Lake Tower, Old Key West, AKV, or go nuts and get a Treehouse.


I will say Hammocks is the best romantic place to enjoy honeymoon.