Most Romantic Thing To Do at WDW


What have you found to be the most romantic thing you have done at WDW? Was it a restraunt? Was it a particular show? A ride? I want to be prepared next time we go!


on our honeymoon we booked for Narcoossees at GF we took the boat from Hollywood studios (but DW says EPCOT) the sun was setting on a very hot June night, we had a window seat and could see the castle at MK. as we was finishing our meal the electric boat parade started on the seven seas lagoon followed by wishes at MK the narration and music played on the balcony and in the restaurant.

It was so romantic ( not the best meal in Disney but very nice) we had our own menu with our names printed on them the CM were so good to us.

we then took the monorail to EPCOT-- a night to remember:wub::heart::wub:

Narcoossee’s Restaurant Photos
some photos of Narcoossees


I don’t know of the most romantic thing, but I know there are a lot of romantic things at WDW.

The “romantic” side of WDW typically doesn’t happen in the parks. The resorts are great places to go for romantic evenings. You could sit on the beach at the Polynesian to watch the fireworks, rent a boat from the Grand Floridian for a fireworks dinner cruise for two, or have a spa day at the GF or Saratoga Springs. The most romantic restaurants are also at Disney’s deluxe resorts. California Grill, atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort provides a great, romantic view of the World, including MK’s evening fireworks. Each night, they turn down the lights and pipe in the music, providing one of the World’s best and most romantic fireworks viewing locations. Narcoosee’s at the Grand Floridian is similar (only not on top of the resort), providing a great fireworks viewing location. Artist’s Point at the Wilderness Lodge is also lovely, as well as Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge. And then you could always take an evening stroll around Bay Lake (well… not all the way around, but b/w MK and the Contemporary, and if you walk from MK in the direction of GF, you can find a nice, quiet spot) and watch the electrical water pageant.

The most romantic resorts, in my opinion, are
Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
Animal Kingdom Lodge
Beach Club
Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

Good luck having a romantic time at WDW!


OooOo, this is an exciting plan you’re making! Let’s see, I think one of the most romantic moments I’ve had in WDW was just walking hand-in-hand on the beach area in between the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian. It’s just soooo quiet & the soft lights of the reosrts & the castle as a backdrop is just very romannnnnntical. That would be nice after a dinner at either resort. I even remember lying on a hammock & just staring up at the sky, I wonder if those hammocks are still around?


We had an amazing evening for our 1st anniversary. We had a Towncar pick us up at our resort and take us to the Grand Floridian for dinner at V&A’s and then we watched Wishes from the dock there. It was wonderful. The best meal we’ve ever had and it was nice to have a private car since we were all dressed up. Have a great time!


I must beg to differ! I do agree that there are many romantic things to do outside the parks… but the parks themselves can have romantic moments too!

I love watching Wishes on nights that it starts right at park closing time, and then afterwards sitting around with my significant other on a bench while everyone else rushes towards the exit. When Main Street starts getting empty, it feels like we’re the only ones in the park, that we have the MK all to ourselves, and we just stare at the castle and reminisce about our own fairy tale… :wub:

Philharmagic also gets me in a snuggly romantic mood for some reason… although that might just be me. :blush:

For sneaky romantic fun, dark rides like the TTA and Haunted Mansion can let you squeeze a few smooches in, if you time them well! :laugh:

Outside the parks, a dinner date at California Grill timed so you can watch Wishes from the balcony can’t be beat. :heart:


we habe had a lot of romantic moments at wdw over the yeas. from watching the fireworks from the hammocks on the beach at the polyenesian to just walking down main st hand in hand. i think that the most romantic thing we have done is that tim surprised me one year with a carriage ride after diner one night. it was very relaxing and just difffernt.


Oh, I definitely agree. I just said typically. And I do find Wishes romantic… but more so in a secluded, private area - not shoulder-to-shoulder with a mass of sweaty people! :laugh:

Actually, inside the parks, I think TTA could be romantic, as well as the riverboat at MK. The World Showcase at Epcot can be romantic - such as dinner at Rose&Crown during Illuminations or dining in San Angel Inn and watching the boats go by.

Good point.


I think its all in the frame of mind when you have a romantic evening. Its part planning/part feeling. We had a romantic moment when we were just watching Wishes hand in hand and the kids were off on rides. We were just so happy to be there and have some alone time watching a great show in the sky.

Flirt with her a little thorughout the day and then maybe have dinner reservations for the two of you in the evening, maybe in the world showcase so after dinner you can go over to France and walk around with a glass of champane, sit on a bench together…


If my husband really loved Disney I would probably know of something. I do love hearing everyones ideas or something they have done.


I dislike this thread because my husband NEVER goes to Disney so its sad:crying:
Ill get over it:laugh: There is still Prince Charming:heart:


Mine does go, but his heart is not totally in it. He does not like Disney so he only tolerates it. I try not to ask him to go often. I know that with him, not taking any vacation with his work is very hard to get away in the busy season(spring through summer) so a few days once a year is ok with him. He would much rather be at a car race or car show somewhere else.


I think that the rose gardens near the MK Castle are very romantic: beautiful, a little off the beaten path and not so crowded, and they smell great!


OK, I must stand up for all the Disney Husbands out there! We do like to go to Disney.

I agree with Remy…it’s what you do that makes an event romantic. I’ve shared the DW birthday trip story before, but I don’t think I’ve shared this part. I planned in advance before the trip and purchased several cards that I took to Florida with me. These cards weren’t Disney cards, but there was something about the card that could connect to something at the park. For example, during the Wishes show, I brought my video camera bag where the cards were kept. As the show was in full swing, I gave her a card that had fireworks on it. I of course had written something personal in it that also related to the Wishes show.

Doing things like this always seems to work for me…and for those of you who sneek the smooches in the dark rides…you do know they have night vision cameras so the CM’s can still see you, don’t you? It doesn’t stop us either!!!


We enjoy laying on the hammocks on the beaches of CBR and watch the lazers from Illuminations or Fantasmic above the resort/trees.

We also love sitting on a swing or the beach at the Poly and watch the water pageant while drinking wine and just snuggling and chatting away.


We got a great table at Fulton’s in the super-dark first-floor room and ordered a great bottle and the Crab Sampler platter for two. We stayed until the last bite of crab was gone, and then we went to the Poly and had cocktails on a hammock on the beach until it was time to pick up the kids from Neverland Club.


We love just sitting out on the balcony of our room, after the kids are tucked in and sharing a bottle of wine. Regardless of how tired we are, we try and make some time for this each day. We call it “our time!” Noone to interrupt, just us. I especially like it if it’s raining!


Our most romantic thing at WDW was sipping drinks in the Rose and Crown by the water as Illuminations was going on. We have done it many times with the kids, but only once with just the two of us.

I have been out on the boats with the girls, but I’ll bet that would be spectacular with just my sweetie.


Okay. I want that.


They have romance at Disney World?:confused::blink: