Most Romantic WDW Resort?


I have asked this question a looooong time ago, but I thought I’d revive the poll for new insight.

What do you consider the most romantic resort in WDW? :wub: And please share why!


Well, the only ones I’ve really ‘been’ to are POFQ and POR. :wub: Man, just thinking about taking a long walk under the moonlight there…


I think the Boardwalk is super romantic…

I also think CSR is EXTREMELY romantic!


For my 2 cents, I voted Polynesian. But I also think the Boardwalk is WONDERFULLY romantic…:wub:…and I’ve only visited there in the daytime! :eek:


For some reason, I voted BOARDWALK. I LOVE the Poly and think it is incredibly romantic, however, there is something about walking hand in hand with your other half that is just so ROMANTIC. ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT…:wub:


Iv only ever stayed at AKL an POR but Id definalty have to say the POR is one very romantic place, like its been said, the moonlight strolls along the Sassagula River are just amazing and the ferry trip to DTD at sunset is another amazing wonder


I voted Polynesian. I hadn’t been there since I was significantly younger, back when romantic didn’t matter :laugh:, and when D and I went this past week we walked around and it was absolutely amazing. All of the lush gardens, view of the MK from the boat dock and pool area, they play beautiful island music all over the resort, it’s dimmly lit with all the pretty fire torches, and all the winding little pathways. It’s definately the most romantic to me.

After staying at the Boardwalk this week, I LOVED the atmosphere, but I couldn’t call it too romantic. Everytime we were “strolling on the Boardwalk” you have those surrey bikes buzzing past you, boats honking their horns in the water, all the “street performers,” and families walking around everywhere. The Polynesian just seems more quiet and desolate, especially at night.


I love the Poly for romance! DH and I like sitting on the beach at night with Pina Coladas watching Wishes.


Voted for the GF. There is something about walking on the grounds of an old southern victorian home. And that main lobby!!!


I voted the Polynesian. :wub: We went there for our honeymoon and also returned there for our 15th anniversary. Just walking around the Polynesian at night sets the mood for romance.


I voted for Animal Kingdom…because if it’s not…it’s going to be…hehehehe


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My vote is for the Poly! Just beautiful!


I say AKL. I love the floridian, but I am always afraid to touch anything there for fear I’ll break it. It’s beautiful, but not relaxing to me. I like laid back and think that romance is more about relaxing than beauty… My second choice would be the Polynesian for obvious reasons…it’s laid back and gorgeous!


I have to say the both the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts because we were married at the gazebo at the Yacht Club and our room was at the Beach Club. Can’t believe that was almost 13 years ago!!


i think Boardwalk is.


That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I voted for POR because I had a little romance there with DH in 1999. :laugh:


I spent my honeymoon in the Boardwalk and its old world charm won both my husband and myself over.


:wub: I voted for WL because it’s so big and grand but it still has that rustic, laid-back feel to it. I love the location on Bay Lake and at night the beach is so quiet and romantic when you’re sitting out under the stars. :heart:


we went to the boardwalk for out honeymoon, and there is nothing nicer than taking a stroll along the boardwalk at night…