Most times


I was also inspired by DayDreamer’s thread about the things that we haven’t done at WDW and it got me thinking.
What ride or attraction have you done the most?
and the second part of the question what ride is your first and last?


The Haunted Mansion for our family is the one ride we go on multiple times a visit It is the ride we have been on the most times. It is also the ride we save for the very last ride of our trips.
Our first ride is always Spaceship Earth. There is something about walking into Epcot to see the giant SE and we feel like we have sooooo much time to spend and soooo much to see.
MY DD first trip was when she was 3 and her first ride was SE when the ride was over she said “that was my favorite ride”. I remember thinking just wait there is so much more to see. Then after each ride she would say “no that one was my favorite”. By the second day she would just say “they are all my favorite”.


For me the rides I’d go on multiple times are:

MK: Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear
HWS: Rockin’ Roller Coaster
Epcot: Hmm…I don’t know.
AK: Expedition Everest

As far as what we go on last, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought of that before. Our first rides to either FP or go on first are:

MK: Splash Mountain
HWS: Rockin’ Roller Coaster, but will probably be Toy Story Mania this time
Epcot: Mission Space
AK: Kilamanjaro Safaris


MK is always the first park and Haunted Mansion is the first ride. ALWAYS. Then Pirates, then Big Thunder. After that…anything goes!


When I was in 8th grade, I went on the teacups 13 times in a row once… Don’t ever do that-it was not good.

My daughter went on primeval Whirl about 8 times in one day a few years ago. She loves that ride…


Ours is Spaceship Earth for the same reason, its the first attraction as we enter Epcot. The ride we do over and over again is the Great Movie Ride. We never tire of any of it, not the pre show, or the end show (which can still make me tear up a million times later)


When my DD was 5 she went on Barnstormer 7 times in a row. It was MNSSHP during parade time and there was no one in line so as soon as we got off we got back in line and right back on the ride.


The ride I have done the most over time of all my trip is Rockin roller coaster…it’s also the first atraction of the trip most of the time and always the last thing we do.

I would also like to mention that EE is a close second for most rides ridden…we do it 6-8 times each time we go to AK.

Here’s the rides we always do first for each park…

MK: pooh
Epcot: Soarin


Hands down … Haunted Mansion, then Pirates. Journey with Figment ride close third.:pirate:


Most definitely pirates then tower terror :pirate:


tower of terror is the most ridden! we usually start and finish at the MK so it’s either the tta or btmr that we start and finish with


First ride is always Haunted Mansion somehow. We don’t usually plan it, but we end up there. We always do it 2 or 3 times in a week vacation. Other stuff for Magic Kingdom is Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain.

Epcot, it has to be Test Track. Not that it is a great ride, but I love Maelstrom too. They have beautiful people (girls) working there and who doesn’t like to hear “Welcome to Norvay” in that awesome accent?

HS, has to be Tower of Terror. Hands down my favorite ride at Disney. Love it.

AK, I love the Safari and would ride that over and over. Everest is great, but it scares my daughter so we just get a one and done on that one.

Man, can I leave and go to Disney today?


Ok, this is weird but here it is. Since, at the hub, we always turn left towards Adventureland, we always hop on the Jungle Cruise first. It isn’t our favorite ride, but - there it is :wink: Then comes the Tiki Room, Pirates and then our very favorite Splash Mountain. We always hit every ride as we make our way around the park. We pick them one by one but we leave out It’s a small world , Space Mountain, Stitch and Astro Orbiter. By the time we’re done and are back on Main Street, it’s time for lunch and then a quick shower at the resort and back out for cocktails and dinner at one of the resorts.


Haunted Masion is always first and last on our trips. MK most riden would be Splash Mountain. AK is Expadision Everest. DS is Tower of Terror and Epcot would be Soarin. Its just not a sart and finish without Haunted Mansion though.


Definitely Spaceship Earth. I never grow tired of it. Haunted Mansion, ToT,


I think I we rode Space Mountain the most out of all of the attractions. As far as what we ride first it just depends on the park but Spaceship Earth is always the first attraction when we visit Epcot. It is completely random what we ride last; I guess it just depends on where we are when the park is closing.


The Haunted Mansion 1st, last and the most. :ohmy: Pirates and Big Thunder a near 2nd.


Funny, I feel that way about this ride as well, Dixie.
Only sometimes the CMs on the ride are soooooo loud.


The ride we ride the most is deffiently cali river rapids, only because at the end of the day that ride si dead so we dont go off we just ride it over and over again.
but the ride we do first is always peter pan, it is one of my favorites!! I love peter pan, and if you dont go there first then the rest of the day your sol for the line. :slight_smile:


Hmm, this one was hard for me to pin down. I was surprised that for so many people it is the Haunted Mansion - interesting!

Here is my breakdown of Most Ridden, park by park:


Pirates, followed by Big Thunder and Splash


Oddly enough, I think I have ridden the boat ride in Mexico more than anything else. Weird.


Tower of Terror, hands down


I guess the Lion King show or the Safari, but these are both way less than anything from any of the other parks because if we skip a park on a trip it is ALWAYS the Animal Kingdom