Most unbelievable situation


the amount of knowledge that disney has given its employees about the premier annual pass is appalling,yes it is a premium annual pass to both parks,yes it is 700 hundred dollars but the specifics if you already hold a annual pass to either park is woeful at best,but the the most amazing thing just happenned I was in the que for disneyland guest relations and was on hold for about 15 minutes,I was in the que for about 10 minutes before they closed and about 5 minutes into and after closing time ,a message then came on informing me that guest relations was closed and try back TOMORROW…this is the most unlike disney thing I have ever experienced ,I then called reservations to ask them if that was possible and they said ABSOLUTLY NOT …but the person I spoke to said things have been very strange lately and she said I wouldn’t doubt anything right now,I then called WDW and hoped to get maybe some info and was told by the person there that she was so frustrated about the amount of calls about this she said PLEASE call corporate and inform them of the issue,the web site has vague info on the premier PASS,but what was most shocking was the frustration by the workers and getting disconnected by guest relations after already being in the que…anyone have info about how and what present annual passholders do to upgrade yes I know you get a credit but is it prorated or is one pass extended as abonus etc …I have heard both…


That has happened to me before-over dining reservations… VERY frustrating…


Here is some info. I hope it helps until you talk with someone.
?Disney Premier Passport? Unveiled Disney Parks Blog


so yes so it would behoove me to buy a DVC premium annual pass on one day then go back the next ,now I am holding a annual pass to both parks and upgrade …RIGHT,because as of right now I have only an annual pass to DLR,


DISNEYWIRE: Premium Disney pass problems - Around Disney : The Orange County Register WOW AND MORE WOW


Disneyland Resort Update (Disneyland Resort Update) by MousePlanet Staff scroll down to premier pass pain …very undisneylike…


I am glad I am not the person that was responsible to get the information out to the Cm’s in a timely manner LOL! YIKES! Someone’s in trouble!


will give an update gonna try to get some real info today…but from what you can see it might not be easy


I’m so glad I didn’t have to go through this, wow it sounds so confusing, good luck I hope you get the answers you need.


update,the premier won’t work for us this time because we would get full credit for DLR pass but the premier would end on the dlr date which is in aug…but interesting of note is the CM at DLR that helped me took a class yesterday and got trained on it yesterday …that is just unbelievable …she said can you believe it …I said NO