Most under-rated thing at parks?


I was just thinking, there’s so much hype about this attraction or that one…what are the non-hyped, little things in a Disney park or resort that you LOVE???

For me, it’s the Mickey Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich. I could go for one right now!!! The deserts at the counter service restaurants are very good too (Carrot Cake was excellent).

Just wondering…


Dole Whips…mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Yep…Dole Whips


Just sitting and watching people walk by is one of the great pleasures of WDW for me.


Oh, we love Dole Whips!!! Yum.

…and Maelstrom. :laugh:


I agree with Roxie - Maelstrom - I love it :happy: :happy: :happy:
and I think it is often overlooked!


The people mover !!! We just love it!


Just being able to take a stroll down Main Street on a quiet morning or Evening. Nothing like it.


People-watching which is always fun.

I liked the frozen lemonade a bunch it’s yummy good.


Oh,yeah!! The People Mover!!! Also El Rio Del Tiempo!!!


I’d say the landscaping. Specifically the great areas around Cinderella Castle at MK, and the flowers and green spaces in FutureWorld at Epcot.


The Plaza Restaurant.


:laugh: Yummy!! You just made me crave a Reuben and hot fudge sundae.


I love El Rio del Tiempo. It’s such a nice way to take a break! Also the bench by the toy train set-up at Epcot. DS could spend hours looking at the trains, and DH and I love that bench!


We met that bench this trip! My DS loved the trains, he would have spent the whole afternoon watching them if we hadn’t pulled him away.


Carousel of Progress, and the Transit Authority “Paging Mr Morrow Mr Tom Morrow”


MK - WedWay
Epcot - Ice Station Cool (Club Cool now)
MGM - One Man’s Dream
AK - Patio in behind Flame Tree - nice place to eat and relax


Two things that we have come to appreciate over the last couple of trips now that our girls are a bit older: interacting with the streetmosphere cast members (Rosie the Cleaning Lady at the Studios, Skip the Reporter on Main St. USA, etc…) and taking the time to watch the live entertainment in World Showcase. These things have added wonderful memories to our trips now that we take the time to really enjoy them. :heart:


Amen. Also Safari Skewers, frozen lemonade, churros w/dipping sauce, etc. I’m hungry!

I think the street performances are under-rated. Up until my last trip, we always rushed through the park to hit all the rides and never stopped to watch any performances (other than the Dapper Dans). But on our last trip we took time to watch things like the Laughing Stock Co. and others. It was a blast! DL has so many talented performers and it is a shame to miss them!


The area music!!

The resort hotels! They’re a wonderful place in themselves and so many people don’t know about them – like regional Epcot pavilions without rides but with great restaurants. :smiley:



Sorry to hijack, but what are Safari Skewers?