*** Mothers Day 2009 ***


Anyone have any info on the events going on Mothers Day at the Kingdom or maybe Epcot???


I don’t know. Are you going to plan something REALLY special for your wife???


Who’s asking ???


LOL you two are cute! Welcome to MB both of you. You could always do a tour. Family Magic Hour looks fun for all ages!


I would like to know also because we will be there for Mothers day.


I’m not sure if they’re doing it this year, but there is usually a Mother’s Day brunch thing-y at Epcot-check out AllEars.Net, they usually have special events listed.


We’ll be there too for Mother’s day. I know the flower and garden festival is going on at Epcot but I’ve never heard of special things just for Mothers Day.

But like Snazzy said–be sure to check allears!!


Someone on Dis boards posted that they called and inquired about the Mother’s Day Brunch at Epcot for this year and they said they were not having it this year.