Mother's Day Brunch...worth it?


Hi Guys…We have PS at the Princess’ Mother’s Day Brunch in the DLR. Has anyone been to this before? I was just asking because I made the PS and then asked the price…$55.00 adults and $13.50 for kids…YIKES…and with our party being 13…that comes out to almost $550.00 with tax and tip… As a mother…I’m thinking less on the food more on my present :redface: (oops did I say that out loud?):whistling: …please let me know what you all think…If it’s worth it then I have NO problem spending the money…but if we’re going to get the EXACT same thing at say GF or AG then why spend the $20+ more??? :ohmy: Just cause it’s marked “MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH”? :confused:

…Maybe it’s just me trying to be overly frugal!?..

Kristina :flowers:


I assume this is the same thing that’s going on every morning at the Plaza Inn…we did this just last week. It wasn’t Mother’s Day though.

I can imagine that PS’s to this on Mother’s Day will be a very hot commodity. That adult price is definitely more than usual though… I think it was $21 for adults when we were there? I’m not positive as I get a CM “B” discount, but my total bill was I think $28 for myself and my daughter.

I have pictures of our visit in the Trip Report forum, with my post titled “Another Mini Trip Report.” The Plaza Inn is very beautiful and the buffet was gorgeous - very top notch, but even for that $55 is pricey.

Will you be there the day before or the day after? If so, I might go then and cut your bill in half, and eat somewhere that isn’t inflating their prices for Mother’s Day. If you want a character breakfast, try Ariel’s Grotto, Storyteller’s Cafe, Minnie’s breakfast (I think at Paradise Pier, I forget the name), or Goofy’s Kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goofy’s Kitchen is raising their prices that day too. If you can live without a character breakfast that day, that multiplies your choices even more. I wonder if the Napa Rose is doing a Mother’s Day brunch?


I was thinking the same thing…$55.00 a bit over the top…Thanks for your advice Disneywife… I appreciate your input. We will be at Disneyland 05/05/05-05/11/05. So we have more than enough time to get to a charater dining, but we’re trying to figure out something to do for ‘Mother’s Day’ Since there will 3 of us Mom’s on this trip


We thought it was a bit much, and also that the Heroes theme would fit better for Father’s Day…


What heroes theme is that? It’s a princess breakfast… :confused:


Hero’s theme??? When I call they didn’t mention anything about a hero theme…They called it “Disney’s Princess’ Mother’s Day’s Brunch”…???


dumb question i know…but…when is mothers day this year?


Hi Princess Tessa…Mother’s Day this year is on sunday, May 8th…I see we’ll all be at Disneyland at the same time…HAVE FUN!!!


Has anyone been to Disneyland on Mother’s Day??? How’s the crowds?


I haven’t BUT Sundays are usually busy anyway…but I’m sure you’ll have fun!


Thanks for all of your info/advice Disneywife…I really appreciate it~



No problem…I’ll be waiting on that trip report!


Okie Dokie!!! I can’t wait to write it! I even printed out some Disney decorated Trip journal pages out from mouse savers so I can journal daily for my TR on DC!!!