Mother's day weekend pics


Since i’ve slacked, i really don’t remember the order of what we did and exactly what we did lol so this will be mostly just pictures with very little commentary.
cast: Me, Rose (4), Kat (2.5)
Where: All Star Movies
When: May 8-9 2010
Why: because… j/k i was using up my last two days on my birthday present 4 day pass:) plus rose’s annual pass expired on the 10th and it was mother’s day so i MADE my dh get us a room as my mother’s day present:) (he was home all alone in the nice and quiet all weekend who really got the good deal on this lol).
so we left crazy early and got to the hotel crazy early and our room was ready to go!
we stayed in dalmations building 4 third floor quiet side!
i must say i wasn’t liking the all star resorts too much until we stayed at this one. i REALLY liked it!


day 1 was going to be magic kingdom. i am really impressed that we drove 2.5 hours from jacksonville, checked in, unpacked, ate and still made it magic kingdom just after rope drop. would have made rope drop but EVERYONE was going to MK that day and the bus was full so we had to wait for the next one:( oh well. the plan was to go strollerless in the morning, come back in the afternoon to swim, nap and eat, then go again in the evening. worked out perfect. Rose had been running a small fever but she was a trooper and we took it easy and didn’t try and cram all four parks in one day like i usually do lol!


the girls would have been thrilled to just water plants all day lol!


the goodbye is because this may be the last time we’re there until after our disneyland vacay. :frowning:


and of course the girls absolute, most favorite ride ever…


off to tommorrow land!


Back to the hotel for a swim and a nap!


More hotel pics and some really amazing disney tattoo pictures!


we had fun staying in the dalmation section but i fell in love with the toy story section! i think just this area made this my new favorite value!


The photos are amazing and your two girls are just beautiful! The photos where they are laughing are so uplifting and absolutely brightened my day- thank you.


after swimming we went back to MK and pretty much ended riding everything we rode in the morning again lol! rose has become a HUGE fan of the carousel of progress even singing the song from it:) not too many pics were taken since i wanted to relax and just enjoy being with the girls. plus it was CROWDED! so needless to say we didn’t stop to say hi to any characters that day.
space mountain did break down and the lights were on when we rode the people mover so that was fun!


some more of the evening…
i can;t believe how packed the park was. and i don’t think disney could believe it either. they extended the park hours from being open til 11 to being open til midnight and added a second spectro parade.


Day 2 was a little more fun. Rose was feeling better. we only stayed until about 5pm because i had to drive back:( also it wasn’t until we were leaving the park that i realized i lost rose’s favorite blanket!!! it was the end of the world for her. so it was a long car ride home. so here are the pics from day 2, hollywood studios.


i just realized i took most of my pics from this day on my cell phone:( need to upload those someday. we saw american idol for the first which was fun even with the corny fake judges. i have a cute pic of lotso wearing 3d glasses while waiting for toy story mania.


and we got a TON of the block party bash…


more from block party bash…


and more…


Awesome… Those pics are priceless!!! Nice ink as well!!!


and some more…


and that’s it. we went to american idol, watched hsm 3 then left. i am so please to announce though that asm found rose’s blanket and sent it to us. she got it back on thursday and was sooooooo thrilled! i would recommend ASM over pop now. i just loved staying there!