Mouse Ears/T-Shirts


Where would be the best place to get mouse ears and t-shirts. I’m doing a class project on Disneyland Paris, and I figured while I’m at WDW I’d pick up a few props. I’m fine with places outside the parks, since we’ll be staying off-property.


There’s a shop in Grand Floridian that carries them, I don’t remember exactly where it is, but it is on the same floor as the ladies’ room [that smells like dead people].


In EPCOT, in the French pavillion I think they actually may have some Disneyland PAris merch. It is the little shop after you exit the movie in France.


So this is a little off topic, but I’m curious. Jess, how exactly do you know what dead people smell like??? :eek:


Are there any outlet stores that sell generic mouse ears? I’m just trying to get them as cheap as possible, since i need multiple ones for my group. They don’t have to be anything fancy.


Ooooh… generic mouse ears. I’m betting not. That’s a pretty specialized item. You might have more luck if you were willing to go with mouse-eared headbands or something like that.

If you end up with real mouse ears: I’m adamant about getting them at the Magic Kingdom, where the names are embroidered by hand. Sort of. At least it’s not computerized. :flowers:


My favorite store in WDW is Mousegear (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s the huge one just outside Inoventions at Epcot.


Have you tried e-bay? I don’t know about finding generic mouse-ears, but I bet you can find some at a cheaper price…


You MIGHT find them at the charter primere outlet at the premire outlet mall or prime 1 outlet mall.


Ummmm, yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing! :pinch:


In all the times that I have gone to Character Premiere in the outlet off Exit 68 I-4,I have never seen Mouse Ears there.


Ha, I’m not a murderer.
My dad is a forensic investigator, and he smells horrible when he gets home. :blow:


Wow! Bet he’s got some crazy stories…
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Maybe you could just print off pictures off the net instead of actually having the real thing. It’d be a lot cheaper.


I’m assuming they were wanting to wear them for their project.

How many people are in your group? Just the plain black mouse-ear hats aren’t too expensive, are they?


Did you try your local party store? If you are not looking for the actual black/gold bowl hats w/ears you can pick up a head band with the mouse ears used for childrens/adult parties at the Disney section at your local party store. Dawn


Maybe you can make them??? (Using beanies and black cardstock for the ears…something like that!!!)