Mouse Pal Planning Site


I just came across this site and thought it might be of some interest. I haven’t fully explored it yet but I plan too! It’s looks quite fun!!! Oh how I LOVE to plan for Disney Trips!!! :mickey: I hope you find it at least a little interesting…


Thanks alicefan, I have never seen that site before!


Thank you for the site, Alicefan! You rock! Have I told you that, lately?


Looks like a great site–I can’t wait to check it out in detail.


oooh cool a new Disney site! Thanks :smile:


Thanks AF…always nice to look through another Disney site. :smile:


Very cool site AF–thanks for the tip!


Looks cool, but for $15, I’ll stick with my own planning techniques.


I will add I did subscribe to their newsletter to check it out better. Maybe I’ll change my mind down the road.

Why does that Cavey guy always sound so negative and cynical?


Thanks Alicefan. You can be pretty useful to have around.


Looks cool. thanks for sharing it with us. Do you have to pay, I missed that part?


:dry: Yeah - I didn’t notice the fee until a little while ago - I signed on for the newsletter too!! :tongue:


Yeah, last trip, I bought a downloadable program for my PDA. It was suppose to tell me all kinds of hints and tips for WDW. In the end, I barely used it. Most of it I knew, and it takes less time to ask a CM where the closest bathroom is than navigate the program.


Thanks for the info Alicefan… I’m glad you decided to be helpful here instead of a troublemaker, as usual… :tongue:

Has anybody tried this software? Is it easy to use?


Cool site. Thanks for posting the link. I don’t think I would use the touring plans as I make my own up as I go, but I think it’s ideal for someone going at a busy time or for a first timer who doens’t really know what’s there.


Thanks Alicefan. Interesting site !