Mouse steps


Look what I found posted on another site.
I don’t believe it has been posted here before.

MouseSteps - Home


I haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the link Dopey.


Very interesting. I only looked at a couple of the ‘walks’ but all the pics are great. Thanks!


Thank you for the mention, that is my site (this past week I put up pictures of the Food and Wine and Epcots 25th, but I’m trying to get more walks up soon!) My site was mentioned here once before, I can tell where visitors come from - I think it was about the Contemporary walk photos - walking from MK to the CR.

Thanks. :slight_smile:



Yes it was mentioned here.:smile:

Great site by the way.:smile:


Thank you. :slight_smile: I actually signed up to say thank you when the last post (that you linked to) was made, but it took a while to get approved. I didn’t want to bump the thread up needlessly.

I’m trying to get them done as fast as I can, it’s really hard with just me doing it. But I should have Pop (pictures are done), Animal Kingdom, a sunset walk between the Poly and GF (already partly done), an extended Boardwalk walk and Christmas walks done by the end of the year.

That is the plan, anyway! (and should be doable).



Thank you so much for that link, I just made reservations for my family to take the tour in December. :slight_smile:


Your very welcome.:smile:

Keep up the good work.:smile:


Great link and beautiful pictures! I hope you will post here more often nbodyhome!! I really like your persepctive.


Thanks! I’m on a number of boards, but I’ll try to get back here also. :slight_smile: I’d never been to the board until I saw some visitors from here pop in!



nbodyhome, I’m really enjoying your site. What a great concept! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link! Im always looking for new sites to read about WDW.


nbodyhome–I LOVE your website!:wub: I know exactly where to look next time I’m needing a little Disney fix. My kids will love it too. I’ll show them this weekend.


Thank you Missymouse, that is very kind!!! I hope they enjoy it too (I should have some update pics - Contemporary, Teppan Edo, etc. up on Friday too).



Thank you, Laura! I have seen your site and photos before, you have a lot of nice ones!



Hey Denise, great to have you here. I would love to walk in your shoes :blush:
Stick around and keep us posted on what’s new, will ya?


Denise… you have done a lovely job! Congratulations!

We have family members who need to walk every day for health purposes, and your site has some nice options for them. This might actually be helpful in getting everyone in the family to WDW again!


Somebody go to the Grand Floridian Walk section, and find the pics with the blue/lavender flowers on the left hand side of the photo, and tell me what those flowers are… my grandma had them at her house and I always wanted to have some of my own!


They are beautiful, MissDis. I have no idea what those are. Maybe the photographer remembers if there was a sign?
Could they possibly be Vinca?


I am not sure, I don’t think there is a sign there for the flowers (there rarely is, unfortunately!) I certainly would like to know the types of flowers I keep taking pictures of (the orange ones too). :slight_smile: