MouseBuzz Button?


I was wondering if there is a button that I can add to my blog to have it linked to Mousebuzz… it would be great!!

Thank you!!!


Here is the code. :smile: This code will only work if HTML code is turned on. :smile:

<a href=“”><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Check out MB!” title=“Check out MB!”></a>

Click here to see what the image will look like and you can try it out by clicking on it. :smile:


Oh man, R2G, you are so cool!!! I want to put this button everywhere, I love it so much!


What a cute button!!

Gonna go put in on my myspace




Oh I think I will add it to my myspace too!


You are just the coolest guy, you know that? I am constantly impressed by all that you do.


i am adding to mine as well…


Well if that won’t give you the “big head” I don’t know what will. :smile:


Sorry to threadjack for a moment, but Ihave to try a little trick with the quotes… bear with me, moderators! I will bake you a pie!

And here is another try:


OK, thanks… now back to your thread…


ooh! just found this - i’m adding it to myspace! Yeah! Love MB & want everyone else disneyobsessed to know about this awesome site! thanks!