Mousebuzz having issues with I.E


I couldn’t figure out how to contact the mods so my apoligies for posting it here. There seems to be a problem with authenticating to MB via internet explorer. Not only for myself but at least for 2 other people. However if you use firefox authentication works fine. Just a heads up. Let me know if i can help in any way.


IE working fine from my end. Interesting.


I’m IE and i’m here too.


Which version are you on? I am on IE9 and it seems to be working fine.


IE is still around?


I have tried it on two different computers one on Windows 7 the other on 8. One running IR 9 and the other IE10. Both are working fine. It sounds like an issue on your end rather than Mousebuzz. Make sure you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer and make sure all of your system updates have applied. Failing all else I would switch to another browser. I prefer Firefox others would suggest Chrome. There are a multitude out there which seem to work better than IE.


There is also an option in IE to clear your settings when you log off. This would cause you to log back in each time?

Ain’t 'puters fun…



Appreciate the heads up and sorry I didn’t notice this earlier. I have had no message and am having no issues. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues.


IE 9 completely updated. Also another person on facebook is having the same issue.


Please tell them to message me. Thanks.


I’ve found that if I just type in I have problems but it works fine when I use

Been that way for a while - not surte if it was IE8 or after switc to IE-9


It could also be an ISP issue. Comcast is screwed up and blocking my authentication to E-bay shipping. The same could be happening here.