MouseBuzz Member of the Month Contest


MouseBuzz is starting a new monthly contest, the MB Member of the Month. Each month, Mickey, along with the moderators, will pick a member of MouseBuzz to be awarded the Member of the Month. Members will be “graded” on the following:

• helpfulness to other members
• Uniqueness of new posts and answers

Each monthly winner will receive the following:

• Unique MB Member of the Month avatar (to be unveiled shortly)
• MB Member of the Month Title
• Picture of their choice on the front page (could be of themselves, kids at Disney, or whatever) in the Member of the Month area
• a $50 Disney Gift Card

Please note that all members (other than Mickey) are eligible, and we will not give any extra credit to long time members, so those who have been around since day 1 and the newest member has the same chance of winning.

Good luck to all. The October winner will be announced the first week of November. We hope to continue this contest as long as members are still excited about it. Good luck to all!


How exciting!!! I am so excited to help pick!


Are there extra points for finding zombies? 'Cause I was getting pretty good at finding them. Just cut me; Mik,
Put me in, coach…


Wow, that was a helpful post :blink:


Thank you, I get credits for being helpful.

Let me get that door ma’am…


This is wonderful, what a nice way to honor fellow helpful MBers! Love it!


Thanks as always Mickey for coming up with fresh ideas to keep the forum fun and exciting.

Good luck to everyone!


It’s cute how you put on this nice mannery stuff when there are prizes to be had.

Cool idea Mickey!!


This is an extremely good idea!


How FUN!! To bad I’m always the one ASKING the questions!! :blush: :blush:

Good Luck to all!!! :laugh:


Wow :happy: That sounds great :mickey:


yay! yay! yay! this sounds like fun! I would love to be the MOM!! I am never MOM with anything!!


I’m not much help now, seeing as it’s been 11 years since I’ve been to DW, but after Nov. 17, maybe I can give good advice!

How To Use Vapor Genie


That’s the spirit, Sue. Take notes :wink:


Oh how exciting… what a wonderful idea.


GReat idea Mickey!!!


That is a super, terrific, great, wonderful and superb idea!


This should be fun, what a great idea.


Good morning everyone. Gosh-Golly you all look terrific today. Did you lose weight?

Remember Vote (Boss Mouse) early; Vote (Boss Mouse) often.


Sounds like you are kissing just alittle… :laugh: :laugh: