MouseBuzz October Member of the Month


Sorry for the delay, but we would like to present October’s MouseBuzz Member of the Month:


Congrats to Ready2Go, and a hearty thank you to all other MouseBuzzzers, you make this site great!

Good luck to everyone for November! As an extension of the Member of the Month program, we will start a Moderator of the Month starting for November.


Congrats to you Rrrrrrobert
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy :heart:


Congrats Ready2Go!!!


Congrats to you Ready2Go!!! You really deserve it!


Congrats Ready2Go!! Thank you for all your contributions. :smile:


Congrats to you R2G!!!




Thank you Robert for all you do here at Mousebuzz! You are a valuable member and a terrific resource to everyone here.


YAY!! Congratulations!!! Thank you again for all you do!:heart:

Hey…does he get cheese too?:huh:


Congratulations! Atta boy! :smile:



He cheated. I saw it!

No fair.

Ok - fer real? I sit here listening to some Disney Music thanks to the Ragin Cajun. Then there was all the other stuff he helped me with, so…

Ok - he can win.
This time.


WAY 2 GO!!! Congrats!!! :happy:


YAY R2 Go!!! Congratulations!

:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :cheshire: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:


You da man!!! good show!!:laugh:



And to think, I knew him way back when, he was just Ready2Go. :happy: :happy:

Congratulations to my favorite Cajun!!


CONGRATS! Way to go!!


:mickey: Great choice! Way to go!!!


Hear, hear! Frere Robert is truly one of MB’s best. :cool:

Three cheers, R2! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:



One of the most helpful mousebuzzers I know! :happy:


That’s awesome R2G. congrats!

Lisa :mickey: