Mousebuzz pin?


I still have my old DC pin that I wore around the parks on our '05 trip. Is there a new Mousebuzz pin???


I thought we were going with lanyards? Or was it both? :huh:


I think the final decision is that we would do both, pins first and then lanyards soon thereafter. I just haven’t had a chance to get to it, but I will soon.


Im interested in this as well! I love wearing my DC pic and then the CM ask me what that was and I explain to them its the best Disney site ever!!


I would love to have another pin. I have a DC pin and the DC T shirt with the top ten on the back that I still get out a couple of times a year. A MB pin would fit in nicely.


I have a DC pin, but it never was seen by anyone from DC.

I still vote for a MB thong–much more noticeable in a crowd.


But what would you do with the rest of your thong collection?


Where them ice fishing (Dznygrl particularly likes the fur-lined one.).


I love my DC pin and still wear it proudly as the first British holder ( oh Toms not here is he) I too have been asked what it is and I am always delighted to tell people about DC/MB


You have a shirt???


I would love to wear a pin on our January trip!


Yes, I have the DC pin but would love to also have a MouseBuzz pin to wear in January.

What happened to the idea of putting a certain colored paint chip on our door or in our room window?


I think the idea died.


I was just going to remind you it was time to get out the fur-lined one again, what with the weather getting chilly and all! :cool:


Just make sure it had been washed from last season :wink:


:blow: Yeah! What she said! :laugh:


I want to know about the shirt with the TOp 10? Is it one of those Toilet roll shirts from Cafe Press?

I would love a shirt, but NOT one with the toilet paper roll - that is ANCIENT DC! LOL! :heart:


Toilet paper roll???

Please elaborate!


Hey, does that make our old DC pins very valuable items? Should we have them bronzed and insured??? LOL


LOL ~ valuable or not, its my favoriest pin :heart: