Mousebuzz pride


This is just a suggestion, but I was wondering if there is or ever will be a mousebuzz bumper sticker?

I was driving around today and thought how cool it would be to display my mousebuzz pride to those around!!!

Maybe one already exists, but I don’t know where to find it, if so can someone please direct me there.



That…would be so awesome. :eek: :cool:


I would love to have one if Mickey ever makes one. :happy:


I think Mickey said awhile ago that he would be updating the “store” part of the Mousebuzz site, maybe that’s a good suggestion to make.


Great. I am waiting for old DC T-shirt to hit the bargain bin so I can scoop up some! I think a Mousebuzz car magnet would be better so that you don’t have to leave it there forever like when you sell your car.

#6 has a ton of made to order Disney type stuff. I think I even saw a DC logo there last time I was in.

They also have a make you own so even if they don’t have MB…I’m sure Mickey (our Mickey, not THE Mickey) wouldn’t mind.

Disney search there has almost 1000 items (some not so nice.) But alot of Disney “lines” from rides etc.


yes, yes, skwak’s idea is very good, car magnet!!! gets the mousebuzzer promo across and yet doesn’t ruin the vehicle. also would like to see a t-shirt that says mousebuzz on it instead of disney central, just because it sounds cooler :cool:


OK, that is so awesome, and I must have one.


I like the car magnet idea too!!! Either way I would be happy!!!

However, a inside car decal I think is a very BAD idea ( I don’t think anyone suggested it, if so sorry) My problem is I have dark windows in the back of my car, like so many people and you can’t see them from the outside.


I was doing the same thing. Looking into Mickey’s store to see if there’s a sale going on :laugh:


I like this idea!