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MouseBuzz is proud to announce the launch of MouseBuzz Reviews. This is your chance to add your input, good or bad, to Disney resorts, Disney Restaurants and other items. We are still in the process of adding items, so it is no where complete by any means.

MouseBuzz Reviews

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. I hope to make this the best place to find Disney reviews.


This is a fabulous idea!!! We could become the premiere place for people to come for Disney Related Reviews!! :happy: I actually found DC by surfing the web for a review of Coronado Springs Resort. This very exciting!!! Thanks, Mickey. :mickey:


Is there a special place to add a review? I noticed Stephanies had a picture of Columbia Harbor House - is it up to us to add a pic? Can only the Mods do a review?


Wow Mickey, it looks great so far! I can’t wait to see the info of each restaurant! Lots of work for you, but thanks so much!


OMG! That is the exact same way I found DC! We really ARE soul sistahs!

Honestly, I had been on Trip Advisor, and I thought…there HAS to be more reviews, so I did a search, and BOOM! DC!!!


We are so lucky to have found each other! :wub: It was fate all along! :laugh:


:laugh: And it was the CSR and DC that made it all possible :wub:



Fun!! Can’t wait to go check it out!


:blow: :blow: :blow: I just vomitted in my mouth. :blow: :blow: :blow:

Thanks for the link Mickey. I think I’ll go write a review for Spoodles!


Please! Your jealousy is very unbecoming! :laugh: :tongue:


If you aren’t feeling well, maybe you should go lay down!


Mickey that is a cool idea.:mickey:


This is an EXCELLENT idea. Thanks for adding it!! :happy:
Prezcatz Paul


I’m trying to post a review about the Disney Wonder and can’t figure out how to do it. Just needed a little help.


Is this thread just to look at or can we provide a review. I wanted to do reviews of the resort and restaurants we are going to on our trip in sept, but when I looked at the site there was no button for posting. Unless it is hidden and I don’t see it.:confused: :confused:


Sorry, I have not yet added many items that will eventually be there. Right now, there are only some WDW restaurants in there, I will be adding the rest shortly.


You just answered my question. I was playing on there this morning and saw a lot of “no products”. Can’t wait till the rest is up. I love the review sections!


We are annual passholders and live in Missouri. We have stayed at all of the resorts with the exception to Grand Floridian. Of all resorts, we have to say that Pop Century is our favorite!:pirate:
We appreciate the large food court for almost no hassle food service and of course the decor.
Since we have two children, our second fave would have to be the Contemporary, due to its location in ref. to the Magic Kingdom.


Haha, that’s exactly what I was thinking! And cool idea. :laugh:


This is a great contest!!!