MouseBuzz site problems


In the transfer, I think I received everything over here. From what I can tell, here is what I am missing:

  1. Countdown not working
  2. Review section*

Anyone else notice anything?

I will be installing a new review section that is a vast improvement over our old one. I want to make sure everything else is working, and once I feel comfortable with that, I hope to get the reviews up and going, hopefull first of next week (of over the weekend, we will see how things go).

If you see anything missing/broken, please post it in this thread. Thanks!


Is Chit Chat coming back?


What happend to it? Was it over at DC this morning?


Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say!:crying:


Yes, it was at DC this morning…


Ooops, let me look into that.


It was on DC this morning.


Whew…I went into a cold sweat when Chit Chat was gone…glad to know it’s supposed to be here…hahaha

OMG!! Are we gonna get to see the avatars again???


That’s why I can’t find it! I am not going mad after all!


Are you gonna get the countdowns working again Mickey?


OK, I just went back and looked, it is not on DC anymore either, it is just gone.I am looking, but no promises that I will be able to find it. I will go ahead and get the forum put up, it will just be empty at the moment until I can figure out what happened.

Yes, countdowns should work sometime this weekend.


mickey, will we have to re-do our countdowns, or will they just be carried over?:confused:


They should still be in your signatures, they will just show up once I insert the code.

Does anyone remember the title of a recent thread on ChitChat? I am going to try to find it that way.


I had one not too long ago titled “House pictures”…

“Avatar theme of the week” should be one as well…


Okay! Thanks mickey!:happy:

By the way, are the Disney legal eagles okay with our new name and logo?


Amelia’s man, I’m sure you saw mickey’s reply, but I just wanted to tell you if you go into your ‘User CP’ you should see the countdown in your sig, so it’s still there and should kick in when the code is loaded. :happy:


Just checked it daisyd! Thanks!

(the migraine that kept me off of the site yesterday must still be affecting the “smart” portion of my brain!:redface: )


Woah, this is like a whole new and exciting world! I hope Mickey gives us a manual on how to navigate it everything once he’s got all the bugs worked out!! Looks exciting!!!


OK, I think Chit Chat is back, posts and all. It took me a while to get it done, but they should be there, and images work.

I am going to have to hold off on sigs until tomorrow.


You’ve worked hard, take a break! We are so happy to have pictures back in chit chat! You’re the man Mickey, uh I mean you’re the Mouse Mickey!:happy: