Mousefest 2007 Anyone?


Mousefest is the annual gathering of Disney fans from all the internet communities at Walt Disney World. There are various meets, games and activities, but mostly it’s a chance to meet up with all those people you talk to in your favorite Disney website.

Deb Wills from is the founder and hostess of this annual event. It has grown so large that they must seek larger quarters each year.

This year the dates are December 5th through Dec 10th. The big Mega Mouse Meet will be held on Saturday 12/8 in a ballroom in either the Swan or Dolphin. Here you will get lots of goodies as well as get a chance to meet all the internet webmasters as well as many of the authors of many of your favorite Disney guidebooks.

You can check out more details here: MouseFest 2007 - An International Gathering of Disney Fans at Walt Disney World and on the Disney Cruise Line

So…who from Mousebuzz will be there this year? (besides me! :laugh: )


I wish! :sad:


I can dream about it-------- or maybe if I win the lottery!!!111:laugh: :laugh:


We get there on the afternoon of the 9th. Might try and take something in. Are you there for the whole Mousefest???


I’m a possible.


We’re leaving on the 7th, so we’ll just miss the big shindig.


I am going to miss it this year. We are leaving on the 4th. :frowning:


We are going to be going from resort to resort looking at the Christmas decorations on that day. Maybe we will stop by.


We’re going home Sunday night 12/9


Renee, with all the times we will be in close proximity, I sure hope we get a chance to say hello. At MNSSHP, I’ll be with a giant group of miscreants all dressed Mouseketeers in red tee shirts. :happy:

And I will be at the Mega Mouse Meet the whole time. If you stop in, look for me, will you?


Wish I could go, but will be getting ready for Savannah… leaving on the 9th… I really wanted to take SMIGGERS.


That sounds like a great idea! Maybe we will take the monorail and visit the Contemporary, GF, and Poly.

I have seen some of the elaborate displays being created on The Travel Channel or maybe the Food Channel awhile back.


We will actually be staying about 45 mins. from WDW at that time. Maybe we could drive over for the day. Sounds like fun.


Don’t forget to check out the Epcot resort loop. There’s Swan, Dolphin, Beach Club, Yacht Club and Boardwalk resorts all in one place, all connected by boat.


Debi, I am really hoping to get to see you while we are there. When will you know if it will be at the Dolphin or the Swan? We may stop by there to see you.


They will make that announcement soon. I will come back and post it here when they do.


Turnwrench and I will be there…as usual. We won’t have table this year though, but I don’t find it disapointing.


Ohhh…no Mousebuzz table?:frown: Oh dear. Can I still wear my MB shirt?:happy:


Bumping for new members.


The location of the Mega Meet has been posted. It’s going to be Saturday Dec 8, 2007 in the Atlantic C Ballroom in the Dolphin resort, from 1:00-3:30pm.

There’s no problem finding your way, as there are greeters posted all through the resort to show you inside.