Mousefest 2009 Cancelled!


It has just been announced that the event has had to be cancelled. See here for details: MouseFest - An International Gathering of Disney Fans at Walt Disney World and on the Disney Cruise Line


That is a real shocker! We had attended one a few years ago, and it was a great time. I know others like Ddoll have been to many and were planning on it again. I wonder what will happen to the crowds now and the cruise part. I wonder if people will still go as an “unofficial” Mousefest.


I bet many groups will still make plans for meets and their own activities.

It’s a shame that 2009 has been canceled, I hope it can make a come back and be better than ever.


Hmm, how come?


Dave Marx stepped down and he hasn’t been replaced as of yet. I think it might have gotten too big and planning it has become a huge job.


Got’cha, that seems crazy though. I would think there would be SOMEONE who’d be willing to step in to the job.


There may be but I’m not sure that’s what they want right now. I think they are taking the year to decide what direction this is going to go, if any.


I read this e-mail last night. I attended Mousefest in 2006 (met DDoll, Turnwrench, & iluvwdw there) and had a blast! It is sad to see it cancelled. After reading the full release about why it was cancelled, I think it will be very difficult to get it going again, so I fear we may have seen the last of this great event.


Is there more to it than what was posted on the web site?


No, I think the e-mail I got was almost exactly what was in the link Missy put out. I just think that since they want a ‘professional’ to run it because it has gotten so large, but have a ‘bare bones’ budget, it will be very tough to find someone to take on the challenge. Plus, since they are encouraging the different fan sites to continue hosting their own meets, once the various groups start going off in different directions it could be difficult to get them herded back together for a Mousefest in 2010 or beyond. Plus, many of us tend to follow the “out of sight, out of mind” saying, so if we get used to there not being a Mousefest every year, we won’t be as likely to make plans/reservations for it future years.


Thanks. I’ve never been to MouseFest but I know a lot of people have come to love it. I think it grew to something that’s now beyond what a person/group can plan on the side. That’s too bad but it happens.


Yes, I remember! That was the only time I went to the event. And we won one of the door prizes. It was a great gathering. I know many people look forward to this event every year.


Aw that’s too bad. I hope it comes back in future years, but it does sound like a HUGE endeavor. I can’t imagine how much time commitment it required on Dave Marx’s part. I imagine finding a replacement won’t be too easy.