I am asuming that there is no extra charge for “mousekeeping” but a tip is expected, on all ears I read 1dollar a day per person is the minimum, Am I reading this right b/c I want to leave the right amount, to me that seems a little on the low side. Thanks for the help on this.


I usually leave $2.50 per person each day. While I understand that $1 per person per day is acceptable, I’d rather overtip than undertip for the service they provide.


We usually tip about $5.00 per day - we are a family of 4 but with two teenage daughters they have stuff all over the place, as much as I pick up there is always stuff around.


That’s per day and I would think that $ 5.00 per room per night is plenty.


We did $3/day ~ $1 for each of us in the room.


We tip 3 dollars a day for the both of us. We will leave another dollar or 2 if the room is really messy. Make sure you tip on a daily basis, as your mouse-keeper will change during the week.


We tip between 3 (3 in my family) and 5 dollars a day. We’re very tidy and never leave a mess in the room so I think that’s plenty. I can’t leave the room unless I make the beds and clean up the bathroom and sink area so there’s not a lot for mousekeeping to do. I have walked by some rooms and seen a real mess and they earn their money in those rooms.


I do most of the work for mousekeeping. I am a very tidy person, so I cannot leave a mess. I think in the past we have left $5 per day.


We leave about $1 per day/per person. We are also very neat, so basically, they just make/change the beds, clean bathroom and change towels. If you leave stuff in the floor or just toss things around, I would tip more!


On average a $1 per person per day is what I leave.


For two adults I leave $5 a day for any stay over 2 days and leave the money on the last day. Also, we don’t come close to destroying a room and try to recycle our towels for 2 or 3 days, although many times, mousekeeping has just changed out the towels anyway. there have been a few times we’ve been around the room when it was being done and they usually don’t need to spend more than 15 minutes in our room.

I also tip $2 to valets every time they take my car or bring my car, up from $1 in 2006.

Also to be kept in mind, on cruises, the suggested tip for your cabin steward is $3.50 per person per night or $7 for a family of two.


I usually leave $2 a day per person. We do not have any small children and pickup after ourselves. The only thing that is really needed is the beds to be made and maybe fresh towels. We even put the towels in one pile if they are to be changed.


We leave between 3-5 dollars per day.


I leave autograph pictures of myself.


how much is that worth?


Just to make it clear,OP,mousekeeping is not a tipped position at Disney World. You do not have to leave a tip if you don’t want to,plus anything you leave should be enough. Don’t let anyone here make you think that you have to leave a tip. With that said,I do sometimes leave a tip when I remember to.


We left 20.00 for a 3 night stay. But we were always in a rush to get out of the room…with ds there is always stuff laying around. LOL


I leave $1 per day per person. We don’t leave a mess in the room, we put all the dirty towels in a neat pile by the sink and empty all the trash cans into one. I didn’t always leave a tip, I never thought about it. But the last couple of trips I have. I always leave them on a daily basis in a envelope by the sink.


However, I don’t know how many times you’ve stayed at any hotel, it is standard to leave housekeeping a tip - much like tipping the bell hop


Dopey that is kind of a True/False statement… it isn’t Standard or Manatory to leave a tip for housekeeping is customary - and it shows that you appreciate what they do.