Mouseketrips is AWESOME!


For those of you that have never used Mouseketrips I urge you to give them a try!!

It is so nice to know that my trip is in their capable hands!!!

Mickey is booking my WDW trip and my cruise and puts up with all of my changes and additions without any complaints!!!:happy: They are wonderful over there!!

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that is great to hear. mickey, do you just do disney trips?


Good Good !
I gotto try remeber to check out that site !


I am so happy that you are happy with them. I have booked two trips and am now renting points from mickey. HE ROCKS!


Does anyone know where I can find this site ?


The link is on the home page here at mousbuzz.


This will be my second trip with them too and Mickey is just so accomodating! And I can be a PAIN!:glare: :blush:


What did you decide to do about your cruise? The family cabin?


Mickey has booked a couple of trips for us, and he has been great!!! Never a problem.


We actually went with the 2 cat. 9 rooms, :pinch: and are HOPING to upgrade when we arrive for a reasonable amount:pinch: !! There was over a $500 difference and I could not pay that knowing that could pay for an excursion or 2!! I think if we were not doing 8 nights at WDW before hand I would have gone with the verandah!! Maybe there will still be some available and we can try to upgrade, if not that is ok too!! Two rooms will give us lots more space!!


Mickey booked our last trip for us. He would have booked this trip for us, too, if we weren’t in DVC and using points!


Now if I could get my husband to let me go with you!!!


You don’t need HIS permission:happy: Just mine!!!:wink: Please come!!!


exactly - WE give you permission…


Thanks for the permission, I guess that I can book now, right???


That’s the spirit!!!:happy:


I’d never used Mickey before, but, I contacted him with a question, and he ended up booking my trip! He’s very helpful!!! HE rented me his points for our WL stay! :heart:


Mickey is just wonderful- he has managed our trips for the last three maybe four long trips and he has made our trips so much easier-remembering that we are ‘foreigners’ too!!! I wouldnt use anyone else-he’s a star!!!


I agree. Mickey is great. I added two nights to the beginning of my trip at Pop, and he was very helpful. He even got me a discount on the room before I even knew there were discount codes. I would highly recommend Mousketrips also.


Mickey (a.k.a Keith) is great. I use Mousketrips every time now. He’s very helpful and patient with Bozos like me who change their mind a lot.

(I just hope he doesn’t have a to change his company’s name like he had to change DC to MB…)