Mouseketrips rocks!


After reading here about the AP discounts this fall I was able to add on two additional nights to my Thanksgiving trip with the help of the knowledgable people at mouseketrips! It was so fast and easy communicating by email! I got 1 night at ASMo and 1 night at Pop for $49 each. What an awsome deal! I am now more excited about starting my vacation!


lol I totally agree with you about Mouseketrips !! I would recommend them to anyone (and have) they go the distance … and even put up with changes you decide to make mid-stream


HERE! HERE! They are awesome! Scott had truely been a gem. He has put up with all my changes, insanity and neurotic “what-if” emails. I have no doubt that he will snag me a great AP rate for January as soon as WDW lets us know what they are going to be…lol I also reccomend them to everyone I talk to about WDW trips.


Dana, I recently went back and forward with him on those “what-if” emails. Even though there was a chance I might not book, and didn’t book, he anwsered all my questions quickly and promptly.


That’s because Scott rocks!!! lol Keith does too I’m sure, but I have to throw out props to Scott becasue he is taking care of me this time around. :heart:


Give it up for Keith!!! He has held my hand for all the what if’s and there will be more!! First time cruiser type questions!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: