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Well, I have decided not to consider Mouseketrips for my trip to WDW. Unfortunately, I sent off the form for a quote close to a week ago and never got a response. I also believe two days or so ago, I emailed them to make sure they received it and never received a response to that as well. Many folks here highly recommended their services so I’m hoping there is a valid reason to the non-responses.


a week ago? That’s not like them. I’m sorry you didn’t hear from them. I know they don’t work over the weekends usually…perhaps the holiday has them backed up?? I don’t know if they work over that week or not…sorry I don’t know why they didn’t get back to you. You can try pming mickey. He runs this site and is also an owner of mouseketrips.


Sorry to hear that they are running alittle slow. I am sure they will get to you soon.


This happen to me about 3 weeks ago and still have heard nothing. So I booked my own!


Please hang in there…Mouseketrips saved me a boatload of money a couple of years ago and now I don’t use anyone else! They are probably playing catch up after the holidays and I think Mickey was having server probs last week—that can take up a little time too! IMHO Mouseketrips is the ONLY way to go!!


I have had some problems with response times as well.


I would agree with pm’ing Mickey. There had to be some problem involved. I got a very quick response from Mouseketrips and got a very good deal on our upcoming trip. I would highly recommend them


I’ll just mention that DC is hosted by the folks at Mouseketrips. Let’s all try to be appreciative guests in our postings.


When are you planning on going to WDW???

We too used Mouseketrips for our trip last May. Can’t tell you what an awesome job Keith did for us. Saved us soooooo much money and he booked everything I wanted with no questions asked. He would actually send or advise on other flights or rentals other than what I chose.

They may be on vacation. Didn’t he have a vacation planned?? I though I saw something a while back about a long vaca. Hopefully nothing has happened!!!


I would like to apologize to anyone who has been trying to reach us. For some reason, our email server is acting up, and we are not receiving all of our mail. It is possible also that not all of our mail is going out. I have been trying to fix this for the last couple of weeks, and I just can’t figure it out.

I usually reply to new requests within an hour, and most replies are quicker than that. Every once and a while we get swamped, and times may take a little longer. I again apologize if I missed anyone. Looks like it is time to hire someone to look at the server.

I hope all of you who contacted Mouseketrips were able to find some one to help you.

I am not going to WDW until the first of March, but there will still be someone in the office.


I agree with Dana, Mousketrips has always answered my emails within the hour and are really great at trying to save everyone money.


Mousketrips has helped us, our family AND our friends with trips to Disney…they are awesome! Hang in there and give them a chance to get the server fixed, you won’t regret it!


I was having the same problem. I had e-mailed them, contacted them through the web site and ended up PM’ing Mickey. I finally sent another e-mail and did hear back from them. Turns out that they were not getting my e-mails and they said they had been sending me e-mails and I wasn’t getting them. This is the first time I have used them and was getting worried but when I sent Mickey a PM he get right back to me. Hopefully they will have everything fixed soon, just keep trying! :mickey:


I just thought I’d add that when I didn’t get an email response… I went to a technology that is virtually foreign in my computer-filled life… and I got immediate service by phone. Perhaps I am alone in this, but I occasionally forget that I can actually pick up a telephone to make contact.


Just to let all know, i resubmitted my form this morning and within hours, I receive a response back. Hope I didn’t start any trouble here and glad the miscommunication issues have been resolved.


Glad everything worked out for you, happy planning!


Yeah, I knew Mickey would not let you down.


Glad it all worked out for you!


Glad they have things fixed now! Happy Planning! :mickey:


Glad it worked out for you. Mickey comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!