Mickey I have been trying to get to you all morning using mouseketrips but the site will not come up. I have some dates to throw at you to see what kind of magic you can work for me.

OK I know it is not DC question, but hey the link on DC wont work. :angel:


Aw! You ruined my birthday surprise! :nonono2:


:huh: So your birthday surpise is that you kidnapped Mickey and took over the internet and every usefull link that I use. :eek:


Cavey is so diabolical!


Mickey still nothing coming up on the link
but I was able to find you the old fashioned way. :wink:Actually had to type in the web address I wanted. :eek:


Sorry, not sure what happened there, it is fixed now.


No…my birthday suprise that you were going to give me a trip to WDW. But now that you’ve gotten all snippy, I’ll just take the cash. :dry:


You miss understood, that is what I was giving you for April Fools :tongue: