Ok, like I mentioned before, I am new to this…never been to DisneyWorld. My question-how many of you book your trips through Mouseketrips or do you go directly through Disney? Which is best? Any info is appreciated :laugh: Thanks!


I booked my upcoming trip through Mouseketrips. I just told them what I was looking for, and they did all the booking/price finding, ect. They were super friendly and answered all the questions I had. I would definitely recommend them. And if Im not mistaken (maybe Im wrong) they are members of mousebuzz… so you could probably ask them any questions you have.


We have always booked our own… but I have heard wonderful things about Mouseketrips!


Mouseketrips makes it very easy for you!


I booked thru them and seem very helpful. I learned one thing I can not apply a code to our reservation they have to do it. If you think your jumping the gun as I did and called this morning to hear I have to have them do it!

I hope that they are applying the code for me, have not heard yet and I know they only have so many rooms to do this with so I hope I am taken care off. I could use a 300-400$ savings if thats what it looks like it could be!

anyone know when you hear if the code is applied ?? Should I be worried about this or not?? Sorry never did a TA before so now i am bouncing off the walls wondering!???


I booked our first two trips through Mouseketrips and am in the process of booking our third. They are great! Very helpful and patient with my bazillion questions and/or changes along the way :blush: :happy: .


Mouseketrips has a wealth of knowledge, but you can book your own if you are willing to do alot of research. They just make it so you dont have to sweat it which is nice. I have also booked through AAA South before and they were great also.


we have been very happy with mouseketrips!! very glad we chose to use them and would use them again for sure!!


We love them but they may be on vacation now or something… :huh:


We’ve booked our own through Disney and we’ve also used Mouseketrips for us and our friends. Mouseketrips is the BEST! They watch for discounts, apply as ASAP, are looking out for the best interest of the client…where as I think if Disney gets the sale, they’re happy as is and won’t look for discounts to apply after booking like Mouseketrips. We now book through DVC for the most part for us…but we recommend our friends to Mouseketrips and all have been really satisfied!


We have booked both through Mouseketrips and on our own. Keith (Mickey) is fantastic, and is very knowledgeable and will work to get you what you want at the very best price. If you have the time and effort to stay on the phone with Disney you can also do it on your own. As others have said though, Disney will not go back and give you any discounts after you booked unless you call them, so you are always scanning for new discounts and have to call them back. Mickey will do this for you automatically.


Used to do my own booking. However, last two trips we used Mouseketrips. They were able to book the hotel we wanted, with the discounts being offered…I wasn’t able to get the deals myself. When I called Disney directly, I was told they had no more rooms available at the discount rate. Mouseketrips got them for me! I strongly recommend them.