Hi, my family is going to disney in december!!! wondering if anyone has booked through “mouseketrips” . in my “disney research” i found this and got a quote and it was cheaper than my quote from wdw. help! not sure if this is the best way to go or if its better to book right through wdw. thanks!!!


has anyone ever booked their disney trip through “mouseketrips”. i found this online at one of the disney research sites. i got a quote from them and it was actually cheaper than the one i got from wdw. they are an online disney travel agent, didn’t know if this would be ok or i should book directly through disney. please help!


Mouseketrips is a great way to go. We booked with them last year for our 2 week stay. We would have used them again this year, but we rented points instead. If you book with them and a discount comes along, they will automatically apply it to your vacation!! We have worked with Keith and he is great and knowledgeable!!


thank you so much! we have always booked ourselves so i am just trying to see what the best way is! thanks!!!


They own this site so a lot of members have used them. Scott and Keith do a great job of getting you the cheapest price out there.


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thanks! their price is cheaper, it’s just i’m a little nervous because i have always booked myself. thanks for help


We’ve booked with Mouseketrips before, and had a great experience. Keith was great to work with was very patient with us as we went through changes in our plans. I definitely recommend using them.


thanks, that helps