Mousemom is back from a wonderful surprise trip!


I do not have alot of time right yet,but I will post my report today or tomorrow. We just got back from a week of Disney, seeing family and seeing more family. I am doing the usual laundry,shopping and cleaning today because thats what happens when you leave you husband and teenage son home for a week. I will say this was a wonderful surprise to my 2 children. I absolutley LOVE Disneys FQ. I will certainly be going back again. The theme was awsome. The food was good. The pool was so cool. We all had a blast. I will give you all the details very soon. I cannot wait to go back.


Yeah… a new TR… cant wait!


Agreed… new TR… YEAH!!!


Can’t wait to hear about it. I am sure you had fun.


Welcome back, I can’t wait to hear about your trip.


I can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful trip.


Oooh! New TR. I look forward to reading all about it!


Can wait to read all about it. Welcome back


Well here it goes.
Who went: me

We left home around 9:00 am and still no one knew what the surprise was. It was great. We took our usual route,I-10 to 75 to turnpike to I-4. We always stop at the last turnpike rest stop for some starbucks and bathroom break. I cannot go on with my cup of aftrenoon coffee. We got back in our van and headed towards I-4. When we arrived on I-4 my DD says" Are we going to Disney". I turn and say “SURPRISE” that is your surprise. They looked at me like “HUH”. It was a moment for sure. When it finally hit them that we really were actually going to Disney,they were so excited. I mean very excited.
We arrived at FQ resort and immediatley we were in awe. It was so beautiful. I was so excited. Our room was not ready yet so we went around and checked out the resort.We had to wait about an hour for the room. That gave us an opportunity to go swimming. We got our swimsuits on and went in till about 4:00 when our room was ready. The pool was so cool. I love that the pool did not get to deep for the kids. The slide was a hit for my kids. I was still taking in the fact that I was at Disney and in a very cool resort.
After our swim,an hour later, we went to the room. It was clean and very nice. I was pleased so far.We just chilled for an hour or so because we were going to the BW for a bit of entertainment. We drove to the BW and walked around for a bit. We seen a guy who did quite a few things like,juggling,magic and a few interacive things with the crowd. My son interacted a bit and thought that was just so cool. It made his night.
After that we waited in line to board the boat to go to BC. While in line we got entertained by the banjo man. He sang to us and that was was nice. We boarded the boat and headed to BC. We just walked around and checked out the resort. We went to beaches for an ice cream cone and boy was that good. My DD was not doing very good by this time. Her attitude was something I could have left at the room. Some of you parents know exactly what I mean. After that we went back to the room and settled in for the night. Our first day was very nice. I was just happy to be there. Still more to come because our second day was Cirque de solei. We did meet a nice family also but I will telll all soon.


Alright! Glad you finally started that long awaited trip report. Can’t wait to read more :wink:


Cool new report . . . I love these!! :wub:


yes new trip report:goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce:


Sorry it has taken so long,but I am here now. Busy around the house and started homeschooling yesterday. I am glad we are back in school. Anyway, on day 2 we woke up and went to the food court for breakfast. I do have to say I like this one much better than the Pop Century. I had a crossiant with egg and bacon.Not too bad. We pretty much hung around around the resort and chilled. We went to the gift shop,played in the game room,and swam in the pool. I did introduce my kids to pin trading this trip. WOW, this was very cool for them. I believe every stop we had to trade pins with someone. It was a mission on the go.
About 3:00 we headed to DTD for Cirque. We got our tickets and walked through a few shops before heading to WGP for an early dinner. It was really good. I had a pizza and thought it was really good. I would rate this place a 4 stars out of 5. Bt the way it was really ot at DTD. Not much shade so we kept in the stores as much as possible. After dinner we went to Cirque de solei. My kids were so wowed by this show that it was worth all the money I paid. I know it is costly,but wow, it is worth it. We sat in the front row and boy did that make a difference. When the BMX riders came out, one on them slid right in front of my DS face. He leaned back and got a look on his face that said,“I’m not sure about this mom”. It was awsome. They enjoyed the show and their face showed it. After the show we headed back toward the boat to take us back to FQ. Hit a few more shops and was on our way to the room.
We got up the next day and went to WC for breakfast. I was all excited about dinning here. We sat down(it was not too crowded) and orderd our food. I was looking around noticing all the other waiters and how playful they were.Our waitress did absolutly nothing.I was really bummed. I was glad to be there and the food was really good,but I would have like some interaction for the kids. After that we headed out.
This trip was very relaxing for us, but I wish I could have went to a theme park. That is ok, I will be back when it cools down a bit.


wow, you actually went to Disney and didn’t go to the parks? You are a strong woman :blink:


Oh good your back…

I’m glad your kids were surprised…we have done that also…and the looks are priceless…:wub:

Girl… I here you about the Starbucks coffee stop… I am so addicted… it is not even funny :blush: …I even have my kids yelling… hey mom they have a Starbucks at this exit…:laugh: Thank goodness they have a drive through…

Great TR… the last time we ate at WC our waiter was so, so also… we had more fun watching the other waiters and guests.


Addicted to starbucks,YES. My kids say the same thing. When mom goes to starbucks,everyone goes to. We sound alike there,huh? I would do WC again but pray for a better server. We had loads of fun. The only problem is it was not long enough. I see a thread here on MB about a girls trip and I am jealous. I’d love to do that some day.