Mousemom's trip brrrrrreport!


Well, we left about 6:00 am on that cold saturday morning. We arrived at SSR about 10:30 am. Check in was easy breezy and our room was ready,YAY!! We were in the springs section on the 2nd. floor. It was nice and close to the main building. We gathered our stuff and was on our way.

Our room was nice and we were so happy to be there. We unpacked and headed down to the food court to grab a bite to eat and head to AK. The food was good,not great, but filled us up.

We caught the bus to AK and hit Triceratop spin, Dinosaur,and attempted to go on EE but the line was way to long. The crowds there were the heaviest I had ever seen. I would say out of 10, it was about an 8. It was soooo hard to just walk through the crowds. We finally made it through the park and was on our way back to our resort(SSR). We had an appointment at the spa so we wanted to rest first before we headed over.

We got ourselves ready and walked to the spa for our massage. I was waiting for this for a very long time, so I was so excited to finally be there. We checked in and were on our way to our room to RELAX. I had a girl that was really good. I had some problem areas that I asked her to target and boy did she ever. She put some really deep pressure on that area and I thought,wow that is hard. But it was a kinda, it hurts so good. We finished up our massage and were headed to The Turf Club for dinner. I did want to say that when we arrived, there were people swimming in the pool. I could not believe it,swimming,:eek::eek::eek:… It was like 50,maybe,degrees. Wow, some people will do just about anything.

Anyway. I will be back in a bit to continue. I will let you know how I liked The Turf Club.


So would you recommend the spa? I have tried to look into that as a gift for DW. Approx. how much does it cost? Are there options? Is there a website where I can find some info about the spa?

Also excited to hear about the Turf Club.


Sounds like you had a great time so far. I want to do the spa next time in disney. Is there a site with a price list and services?

Cant wait to read more


[QUOTE=Buzz’s#1Ranger;1011762]So would you recommend the spa? I have tried to look into that as a gift for DW. Approx. how much does it cost? Are there options? Is there a website where I can find some info about the spa?

Also excited to hear about the Turf Club.[/QUOTE]

The spa was great. from the time you walk in you can just feel the relaxation begin. Evberyone there is great. I would suggest it for sure. It is expensive so thats why I saved for it.
Niki Bryan Spas :: Relaxed Yet™

See what may fit for you, or your wife.


[QUOTE=tinkerbelle24;1011786]Sounds like you had a great time so far. I want to do the spa next time in disney. Is there a site with a price list and services?

Cant wait to read more[/QUOTE]

I did, I had a great time despite the freezing temps and high crowds. I will say, I will not go again in the winter months.


We arrive at The Turf Club and get seated right away. It was nice and seemed very peaceful. We ordered our meal and within about 5 minutes it came out. We thought wow, this is great. We begin to eat our dinner to only realize,IT WAS COLD. Well, luke cool. I had prime rib and Amanda had a steak. We both had mashed potatoes or some kind and it was all cold. I am not one,literally, to complain,but this was not good. The flavor seemed to be good but it was hard to tell if the steak and prime rib were good when they were cold. We ask the waiter to please send them back and to get our food warm. In about another 5 min. our plates came back and the plates were nice and warm. We were happy they warmed our food. We wanted to dig in. We begin to eat and BAM, our food was not warm, only our plates. By this time I was :angry::angry:, and I was not going to send it back again. I just wanted to eat and go to the MK. In a few minutes a manager came to our table and apologized for what happened and told us this meal was not going to come off of our dinning plan credit and that we could use it somewhere else. I was very pleased that he agknowledged our issue and had taken care of it that way. We took that extra credit and made reservations for breakfast at the wave. So, our food was good,even through the coolness. Oh, his reason for this issue was,“this must be a bad night”. I heard this reason alot this trip. I have never,ever had a food or restaurant issue at Disney. I don’t know if I can say The Turf Club was good or not. Our service could have been better, but the flavor was good. I blame this totally on the chef not the waiter,cause he was a great waiter.


Too bad about the cold food…I’ve always wanted to try Turf Club, but it’s so far out of the way unless you’re staying at SSR. Hope the rest of your trip went well!


I hate when food is served like that. I like my soup to be “sipping” hot, not “gulp it down, before it gets cold” warm. Once we had french onion soup at disney, the server brings out the bowl on a plate holding onto it with a towel. I thought “good, HOT soup”, nope, warm soup.


Wow - not impressed with the cold food - that should never happen and “it must be a bad night” shouldn’t be an excuse! We’ve eaten at the Turf Club a couple of times and really enjoyed the food - so to hear that is so disappointing. Next trip - I’m trying the spa! And I agree - never coming to Florida in the winter again!


The pool is heated, right?


llama, I am soooooo in agreement. The cold was miserable most of the time. At night was the worse. We had to leave the parks earlier then usual to get back to our resort because it was just too cold to be at the parks any longer. That is not fun. Yes, thats what we were told about the food at The Turf Club. The food had flavor but with it being as cold as it was it was really hard to enjoy it.


Ok…where are the pics? Also, do you have a price list for the spa. I didnt see it on the link. My husband is getting a pontoon boat next trip so im going to the spa


Heated??? Yes,but its the getting out that was impossible for me to even think for a half of a second that it would have been worth swimming. :ohmy::ohmy::ohmy:


Click on the link again and go under spa locations,choose which location you want and click that. Your prices will be under that. Sorry, there were not any pics. My gloves were on the whole time so I was not going to try and constantly take off my gloves to try and take pics,:blush::crying:.


So, after our delish dinner:angry:, we finally headed to MK. When we got off the bus we knew immediately that it was not going to be fun fighting these crowds. It was very cold and very busy. We attempted to ride SM and seen the looooooong line and said no way. We ventured over to Thunder Mountain and rode that,BRRRRR, but fun. We got on PC and that was about it. We were freezing to the bone and the crowds were too much. So, we left and went back to our resort. I thought the crowds would have been better cause New Years Day was over,but NO WAY!! Day 2 comming soon.


Wow!! i can’t believe the cold food…yay for the manager though!


Yeah, I was really glad they handled it. I had not said a word to managment,just to our server. I guess word gets around, as it should.


Judging from the steam rising from them - they’re heated. But you have NO idea how cold it is!:pinch: I can’t imagine getting out of the pool unless someone was there with blankets to wrap around you!


Follow these easy peasy steps:

  1. Get in pool:
  2. Drink heavily:
  3. Get out.

Proper execution of #2 makes #3 a snap.


And you’re from Canada! Whenever we see people in the pool when it’s freezing we always sat “they must be from Canada or something.”
of course 50 degrees is cold to me!