Mousemoms "will I ever go back to SSR again!"


I am going to kinda sum up my trip in this thread. I seem to start a TR and get so busy and not finish it. So, I will give an overview on my trip.

The answer to my title question is YES, in a heartbeat. I really loved this resort. It was nice,fresh,crisp and clean. I thought it was well laid out and nicely landscaped. It had a wonderful Disney feel to it. I loved the music that was playing right at the top of the pool where you walk by the waterfall. You would come right out of the foodcourt,sit down and relax in a Disney way. I found everyone (CM"S) to be pleasent and respectful.

The buses were never a problem. We never waited no more than 10-15 minutes. That was nice. One obervation that I made (this is not a complaint) was the use of scooters and having to load them on the buses. It was time consuming for some people. I did not have a problem with this but wondered if this could be some of the reason why some of you wait so long for buses. I believe just about every stop we were loading or unloading a scooter or wheelchair. So, just a thought for some of you waiting for a bus just remember what may be loading or unloading while you are waiting.

Our trip was cold but managable. We got to all 4 parks in our 3 days there. We got to ride Experdition Everest and I now have a new favorite roller coaster. It was awsome!!! We also got to ride Kaili,um, never again. We got soaked to the bone or should I say under garments,literally,and I will leave it at that. We also did the usual thrill rides at Epcot,MK,and HS. I also got to watch the British invasion and they were great. After that Off Kilter was performing and they were good as well. I guess the the 2 lady dancers (the heavy drinkers as the lead singer of Off Kilter called them) were enjoying them as well. I did get around to see (another of my new favorite) voices of liberty. WOW were the fabulous! I love listening to them sing. Now that is singing with control. That was also another first for me(see what you can do without your kids).

Now on to the dinning plan. It would highly reccomend it. We ate about $55.00- 60.00 of food each day and only cost us 38.00. Now thats a savings. I loved how easy it was and will do it again. The only change I would love to see on the basic plan is,instead of offering you an entree and dessert, I would love to be offered an entree and either a dessert or appitizer. Oh well, maybe someday. All in all we had a great time and some well needed time off from being mom. I did not encounter anything negative in any way. Everything went great and can’t wait to go back next year.


fabulous. I think you make a good point with the wait time for some busses.

How cold was it? :eek:


I thought the title of your TR was “Why I’ll never go back to SSR” I need to learn to read slowly! I’m glad you liked it–I panicked for a minute and thought maybe it was a rough trip.


It was mid 40’s in the night and mid 60’s during the day. That was a bit chilly for me. I was constantly taking off my jacket and then putting it back on. it was so aggrivating. It was nice in the sun and chilly in the shade.


Sounds like a great trip! :mickey:

It has been chilly . . . brrrrr!


Oh yeah, my dinners. I forgot to give my review on them. Well, the first night it was Ohannas. It was soooo good. The chicken wings were the best. The salad,yummy!!. My favorite was the dessert,bread pudding,oh my was it ever good. We left there and went to the MK and well, lets just say our tummies were not doing so good. My tummy got better after a few minutes but my friend Amanda,well, she spent the whole time in the bathroom while Wishes was going on. It was a very good dinner but the effects was not so good. We are not used to all of that rich food so it showed.

Next was Morrocco. Wow, I was pleasently surprised. It was really good. Well, the meat could of used some work but the sides and dessert were great.
The hummus and couscous was great. Last was Kona. I really liked this one. I had prime rib with fingerling potatoes and swiss chard,yummy. Oh yeah, counter services we tried was, Seasons( it was good but nothing to write home about)and Tangerine Cafe,yummy!! I really loved this one it was great(bella I know this is one of you favorite places and now me too). Last counter services was Yak and Yeti. I did not like this one. I had the honey chicken. The chicken was good but the rest was not. The rice was soaked with sauce and that was not to tasty for me. I would have rather had each item seperate.


Glad you had such a good time! And that you enjoyed SSR. We think it’s a beautiful resort too!


I’m glad you had such a great trip!!! Brrr…that does seem a bit COLD…
Any pictures to share with us???


I did the exact same thing Bella. :laugh:


Yeah! Expedition Everest!!

Glad it went well and to hear that you would stay SSR again. :happy:


No pictures this time. My husband had the camera. Well, my friend did take a few pics. I can try to get them from her camera and download them to my computer. No promises though.


We just stayed at SSR in Oct. for our third time and just love this resort!
Glad you had a great time!


My husband said the SAME thing! There are SO many more these days than anytime in the past. It has to effect something.


Wow, I am SOOO glad you enjoyed SSR & you enjoyed the dining plan! This sounds like a GREAT trip, can’t wait to hear the rest.


You had me worried there. :noo:

Although my DS is still on a waitlist, it looks like he may be at SSR for his honeymoon.


I did. I really enjoyed the resort. I just wish we would have enjoyed it more by hanging around there more. I guess that means we have to go again. I thought going in mid November would still be warm enough for some swimming and relaxing by the pool but not this trip. I think our next moms trip will be in October.


Which section of SSR were you in?


We were in the Paddok,room 5523. It was nice. We had a nice garden view. We pretty much stayed at the parks and did not do much at the resort. We thought about going to the hot tub one night but it was just a bit to chilly. It was 45 or so. We would of run to the tub and have been ok but getting out,well, thats another story. We were right next to the pool and hot tub. We gave it some goood thought but the getting out part was a bit much.


Thanks for the dining info. Needed some new choices.


Welcome home! I am thrilled you enjoyed your stay at SSR.:flowers: