Mousesavers March Newsletter


Anyone have the March Mousesavers Newsletter that they could forward to me? If so, please PM me! We’re booking a cruise and I’m hoping for a discount code to apply. Time to call the travel agent!


Hey dab, welcome back!

I don’t have the newsletter but I’m sure someone here does.


I don’t think you need the newsletter, just go to their website. - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts


Hey DT, Thanks! I did look on the website but their newsletter has special offers that are only in the newsletter and I’ve deleted mine… thinking we weren’t planning a cruise. Then DH said today “Let’s cruise in July” So excited… doing the 2 stops in castaway Cay cruise. I am READY!!


I’m so jealous, my dream is to take a Disney cruise.


You need to start saving up because it is soooo worth every penny. We took our first ever cruise (3 night Disney Wonder) last July and we’re all addicts now! Honestly, best vacation ever!


I’m sure it is worth it, everything I’ve ever seen looks amazing. A family that we are friends with is going over Easter break, I can’t wait to hear what they think of it. They always stay at the GF so I’m curious to see how this compares.


I am so ready to go on the Disney Dream.