Has anyone shopped here ?

Looking for some recommendations before making a purchase.



I have never shopped there,Buzz, but it looks like they have some great items. I would give them a try.


YES! I can vouch for it. I was a little aprehensive at first because I had never seen the site before and this was for Christmas gifts. That’s where my husband got my Disneyland SHAG gifts. Everything came on time and it was great.


My, it looks nice! :slight_smile:



We bought one item from there with no problems. I would use them again. :mickey:


Thanks guys!
Now don’t you want to see what I want to purchase?


It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a tradition of mine to always wear this type of shirt when we head out on any vacation.


Very cool hula shirts!!! I say go for it!!! I’d like to get this hoodie, but I will wait until I go in June, hopefully they will still have it there…


Oh, hey BUZZ, I jsut noticed that a lot of those shirts you like are in clearance right now for 50% off!! Maybe this link will help you…


GREAT SITE!!! Oh Boy, the rest of my evening will now be spent making wish lists :tongue: thanks Buzz and Wish for the info! :smile:


I’ve bought several things from them. Most recently I bought the DLR 50th anniversary CD before my trip so I could get in the mood! The prices are slightly higher than the resort prices, but you are paying for the convenience of not having to go to the park! They have to make money somehow! :wink: They are much less expensive than other park shopping sites I’ve seen.

But again to answer your question, they are very reliable! Don’t hesitate to order!


Thanks Wish!!
I didn’t see that clearence section.