Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party


[B]The show is scheduled to debut in mid-February 2009.[/B]

The magic kicks off as an emcee entices you to join in the fun and Disney Characters, floats resembling giant gift-wrapped packages, stilt-walkers and other performers promenade toward Cinderella Castle. As the party stops in front of Cinderella Castle, the “packages” burst open to reveal some of your favorite Disney Characters including Genie, Lumiere, Sebastian and more. The fun is driven by a contemporary musical score that will have you wanting to dance and sing along.

[B]Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party[/B] is performed several times on most days. Check the daily schedule when you arrive at Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

What Will You Celebrate?
Birthdays. Anniversaries. Reunions. Personal triumphs. Promising new beginnings.

Walt Disney World Resort makes it easy for you to magnify these moments in wonderful Disney style. A great way to celebrate is with the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party. You’ll see why it’s billed as “the ultimate celebration that celebrates everything worth celebrating.” That’s a lot of celebration!

The Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party gives everyone the chance to celebrate any of life’s special moments. Find out more ways that you and your family can “Celebrate Today!”

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I just read about this, I think, on Allears! Sounds like fun to me.

Maybe you should come in March and we can check it out together, hint hint hint. :))


I saw this article… sounds like fun


[QUOTE=lovemysons;921050]I just read about this, I think, on Allears! Sounds like fun to me.

Maybe you should come in March and we can check it out together, hint hint hint. :))[/QUOTE]

We were coming in March, but I canceled it! BUT, if there is a good deal on a passholder room . . . we’d come up to say HI!! :happy:


Thanks for posting this. I am sooo excited to go, this sounds like a blast.


Ooo sounds like fun. So glad we’re going to celebrate DD’s early b-day in May.


Rehearsals for this party start on the 25th of this month. Kinda hoping against hope I’ll be in the opening cast. Dying to be one of the stilt walkers for this shindig. Don’t forget the new day parade Celebrate a Dream Come True starts on January 23rd!


Yippee! I just booked for DD4’s birthday the 29-31 (quick weekend trip!) Can’t wait to see all the new shows!


I can’t wait, we’re going in May and are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary then.


Oooo I LOVE a new parade this sound like my cup of tea! I need to get a trip booked, theres so much going on Im not there for!


This parade sounds really fun… I can’t wait to see it. :slight_smile:


This does sound like fun- thanks for posting the link!!


Not a parade :laugh: Just a big moving show!


I wonder if this continue into 2010? Only we are not going this year but will be there end of March 2010 for 2 weeks. Or do you think they will have another new one in by that time?
It sounds fab. Quite similar to the block in party in some ways imo - and I love that parade!


I can’t wait we will be celebrating my mom’s birthday that week, Can’t Wait!


—just thought I would mention—since we just returned from a WDW trip this week----if you have never seen this type of parade, be prepared for something different.

We didnt “read up” on the block party parade before going, and sat where I thought was a great spot—right up where the parade turns. The parade was coming down the street towards us and then stopped for the “performance” about “half a block” away. In other words—we were “stuck” looking at the front of it while the performance went on. Then after a while it packed up and moved on—then stopped after turning the whole thing and we got the end view! LOL

Personally, I prefer parades—that just go by like in the MK but thats my preference. I would never sit and wait for this type of parade again.

Next time I will do my homework on this before. Enjoy! :slight_smile: Smallworld


Just a reminder guys, this isn’t considered a parade like Block Party is, even though they’re very similar. Come to think of it I don’t consider Block Party as a parade either. Parades are something with a lot of floats you watch travel down the street and clap along to, sing along to or just really have fun with. These 2 come to a stop and put on a huge show, and you’re not allowed to sit and stare you gotta party along with us. If you just sit and watch Block Party and this MSC It show as if they’re some parade, WE, THE DANCERS AND PERFORMERS, WILL COME AFTER YOU!!! Both of these are extremely high energy and require EVERYONE present and watching, to get up, dance, and just plain party!!! Sitting down unless incapable of standing and dancing along is not an option. If we pull you in the street for not dancing then we KNOW you’ll dance then. :laugh: :laugh: OK we won’t embarass you that bad, but the point is, these 2 shows are giant celebrations and we need you guys to be pumped and having fun when we put them on! But I digress from my first point.

Think of this one as a moving show, kinda like High School Musical. We’ll get to our spot, put on a show, pack up, move down to Main Street, and put on a show, and then leave the park. We’ll do that 3 times a day. Twice in the morning, then one after the parade. So we’re not a parade. We’re a great time!


—just wish I had known that before the block party “parade” last week. My fault for not doing my homework. Everyone else in the crowd was having a blast!!! :slight_smile: Smallworld


Also I was asked to update ya’ll if I heard anything about Move It Shake It. Well yesterday one of the show’s trainers was having fun teasing me by saying that when the new schedule drops Saturday I’m gonna be a very happy guy. The new schedule has the show’s rehearsals on it! He didn’t say what role, he didn’t even really say I’m learning it, but that wink in his eye was too much to miss. He’s also the stilt instructor…man if I get to open this new show on stilts…WOOOOOOOOO!!!


:laugh: So sorry to hear that bad luck. Favorite unit is the Monster Unit to watch. Best spot for BPB in my opinion is by the Keystone store for future note.