Move to Disney?


Well, I think I’ve done it. My poor co-workers. Day in and day, they have to endur me going on and on about Disney. My co-worker today responded, “Why don’t you just move there!” I think I need to take that as the hint, that it’s okay to be a fanatic at home, but calm down at work!


Haha! That is too funny! I actually had an appointment at work the other day with a couple who were crazy about Disney as well, had lots of Disney paintings, screen saver, APs! It was so fun to swap Disney stories, and it was nice not to be looked at like a loon gushing about it!


That must be so nice pumouse to be able to talk Disney to your hearts content and not get that “enough already” look. BTW, I adore your avatar.


Hey look at it this way, you could be talking about something totally disgusting or something totally boring. Why is it acceptable to people to go on and on about sports and stuff, but frowned upon when we jabber away about WDW?


YOu need to find a new coworker! :ninja:

If you feel the need to chat about WDW, you just come here! LOL!


you know you are right. My DH loves to talk for hours about how this team won and this team didn’t but god forbid I talk about WDW a little and he’s like again!!! Anyways…keep talking about WDW!!!


What Dana said!!!:mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


ahhhhh, i know only to well. and you know what? if it weren’t for my family that i’d being leaving behind, i’d be there in a NY minute. someday :frown:


Don’t feel too bad! Most of my family says the same thing, they all think I’m crazy (but DH is really a closet Disney freak…he just won’t talk about it in front of too many others).


If I could get my DD to move I’d be looking for real estate in a minute.In fact I told DW we should look at houses on this trip.But she says “if DD ain’t movin’ than mama ain’t movin’”:laugh:


Don’t tease us! I thought this post was going to be about you really moving there for real!