Movie from 80's - 90's?


I believe this was Disney production movie. It was one from my childhood that was about a young girl an a spelling bee. The fairly recent spelling bee movie Akeelah and the Bee brought back those movie memories. Does anyone recall the name of the movie? Thanks


Are you talking about the true story movie about the girl from Cambodia? If so it was called The Girl Who Spelled Freedom and it came out in 1986. It was made for TV.


She was from Chattanooga, TN…


Hmm, can’t think of anything. I looked up the Disney movies from that time frame and didn’t see anything. Do you remember anything else about the movie or what the girl looked like?


Thank you InHouseMouse, that is exactly the movie I was thinking of!!


No problem. It’s a very very hard to find movie. I saw it for sale somewhere on line for about $35.00 for used VHS tapes… not even on youtube but it was a great movie.