Movies on the Lawn at Port Orleans French Quarter


I was reading a review on Tripadvisor and they mentioned something about movies on the lawn at POFQ. I tried some searching on my own but cam up with nothing on this. Anyone have any info on this?


We’ve stayed at POFQ several times and I’ve never heard of this. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else has any knowledge of this.


I believe the moderates do this from time to time. I’ve read that CSR has shown movies at the main pool area but never experienced it for myself. Its not something that is done on a regular schedule though.


Never heard of this either. Although I think I have seen outdoor movies advertised at Boardwalk?


Not sure about Port Orleans, but they do it at Contemporary/BLT. We watched Beauty and the Beast back in Nov/Dec. Didn’t plan on it and just stumbled upon it as we were headed to our room. Dropped off our stuff, stopped and got some snacks and laid in lawn chairs near the pool. By the time the movie was over, all the lawn chairs were filled and people had blankets and towels sprawled all over watching the movie. Something we had never done before and loved it.


Here’s a list of some of the resorts that have been known to participate in the past. They may be trying out different resorts randomly to see if there’s an interest in participation. They’ve done the dive-in movies (movies poolside) on occasion at SoG and were successful, but not enough to offer nightly.

Walt Disney World Resort Outdoor Movie Schedule


When we stayed at SSR they had a movie by the pool most nights (weather permitting) but we’ve never seen this at AKL or POR! It’s a great way to relax in the evening though, and at SSR, if your balcony is positioned just right, you can see it from there too :slight_smile:


I know a limited amount of resorts offer this, however, we have never seen it at POFQ or POR. It would be a nice feature though!


This was a recent report so they are either testing it or have added it.


I know that in the past we have seen outdoor movies as All Star Music and also at Pop at one time. And when we stayed at Movies they said we had to walk over to Music to see it at the pool area.


I didn’t hear of this either, however while walking from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian they did have Toy Story playing on the lawn near the beach at the Grand Floridian. We thought that was neat, and there were a lot of people watching… nice quiet night on the lawn.