Movies Under the Stars


Does anyone know what night Old Key West plays Movies under the stars?


All of the resort have movies at the main pool area nightly now. Old Key West should be the same. I would check for exact times when you check in.


Thank you, Dana.


you’re welcome.:heart:


…we came back early to POFQ one night last summer…(we never come back early!!!) and they were finishing up a movie by the pool area. It’s a fun idea for families who just need to “relax and veg” to get their kids to go to sleep!! :slight_smile:


Last May we watch a movie on the beach at BC. Both kids fell asleep. The 3 yr, we could carry but not the 7 yr old. So she walked back, her mom said “watch her, she walks into walls when she is tired”. :eek::laugh:


I always say it’s a sign of a good day of fun when I see kids asleep in the evening at WDW. I love watching them carried on the bus after leaving the parks…and the ones who try to keep their eyes open…bless them!

My child was the one that was always up and ready to “party”!! At 3 we had to force her to go to sleep near midnight—she wanted to play with her “dwarfs” set!! —and then she popped up ready to go the next morning. No naps! She’s always been that way. :laugh:


When at AOA last Summer, we actually took a complete night off from the parks and the kids stayed at the pool and swam and watched the movie. Even at 18, they enjoyed it. I love how that have the little extra something.