Moving up from Value Resort to Moderate


Has anyone switched from the value resort to the moderate resort? And if so, is it worth the price difference? I was curious what the differences are, other than a little more space in your room and sometimes a sit down restaurant being available at the hotel.:wacko: It’s all so confusing! LOL! :minnie:


Welcome to MB! If you can afford to do it without too much stress, I would upgrade. The pools at the values don’t have a slide and there are no hot tubs as well. The moderates have great pools (with slides) and hot tubs. If you have no plans to spend any time at the resort, it probably isn’t so important.

(We do enjoy Pop every few trips, so I do like the values.)


We’ve stayed at both and the main difference (as Leslieh said) are more creatively-designed pools, which might be important if you have young children, and a table-service restaurant. But the TS restaurants at the moderates are the most average in WDW-we never wasted dining points on them. We mostly used the food court when at the resort and Pop Century has a better food court than most of the moderates. And the room space is not different enough to really notice.

It’s not like the jump up to the Deluxes.


The rooms are a little bit larger and most of the moderates have 2 sinks instead of 1 (i don’t know if that matters to you but it can be nice). The moderates seem to be a little less “busy”, not so much hustle and bustle. If you can comfortably afford it I would go for it.


I love the moderates if you plan on spending time there. I love the sprawling grounds of Port Orleans Riverside, very picturesque. There is also a boat that leaves Riverside and French Quarter arriving at Downtown Disney which I am a big fan of. The moderates, in my opinion, are not as bustling as the values either, less noise for lack of a better word.

I would have to agree with the others, if you don’t plan on a lot of pool time, or supplementing your trip with other activities, like renting a boat or a surrey bike, or taking a horse-drawn carriage ride (which are available at some of the moderates), it might be better to save money at the values, especially if you plan on spending all of your time at the parks and sleeping.


I always get excited when we can stay at a moderate over a value. There is nothing wrong with values - my family stays at them nearly every trip and we love them - but moderates have rooms that are a little bigger, nicer pools as others have said, and to me they just look a little fancier overall.

But I agree that if you’ll only be using the hotel as a place to sleep at night, it’s really not worth the extra money. If you do plan on spending some time at the hotel, it might be nice to have something a little bigger and better. :happy:


Our first stay was moderate CRB it was very nice, then next time we tried Value all star music. we got a upgrade to preferred room close to the food court shop and bus stop- we did miss the slide and extras at CRB.

We are returning to Moderate going to POFQ- hope its all that everyone here says it is:laugh:

Oh welcome to MouseBuzz :cool:


The bathrooms in the mods are a little better and they also have sit down restaurants in addition to food courts.
The values just have food courts.
The mods also have more green areas and more trees than the values.
However, they both suffer from not offering queen sized beds (other than Coronado Springs, which I understand has recently switched from double beds to queens in all rooms).
One thing to keep in mind though, Port Orleans has only one sit down restaurant. It’s located in Riverside. French Quarter only has a food court, but it is the smallest of all the value and moderate hotels. Riverside and French Quarter together are the Port Orleans resort. They share buses.


I’ve never stayed at the moderates, but I’ve stayed deluxe and value. If you’re not spending any time at the resort, I don’t worry about staying at the values. Even this past week, with all the cheerleaders and latin america groups, it wasn’t bad. It was too cold for the pools, so that wasn’t an issue (record lows while we were there). To me, it’s just a matter of what I’d rather spend the money on. I’d rather stay at the AS and have money to spend elsewhere. Even the food at the food court was pretty good!


I have to say that for our upcoming trip this year I debated forever about whether or not to save money by going for a value resort and I finally decided that I really wasn’t saving anything because since I have a special needs child that has to have a fridge for medicine and not only that but I would have to pay extra for a preferred room since the value resorts are so big and he can’t walk that much, it was just not worth it. Also my boys love the slides at the pools so I would say definatly the moderates are worth the extra money. Hope this helps.



Welcome to MB!
We were upgraded to a moderate (CSR) two trips ago after staying at Pop once before that. While DS enjoyed the pool, he enjoyed the atmosphere of Pop Century even more and asked if we could stay there (meaning Pop) again next time. So we do. I think it really depends on your taste and personalities. The room size didn’t seem hugely different to the three of us and the transportation didn’t seem hugely different, either. We haven’t stayed at the AS resorts but we’re one of the minority I guess that really enjoy Pop!


We are returning to Moderate going to POFQ- hope its all that everyone here says it is:laugh:

Oh welcome to MouseBuzz :cool:[/QUOTE]

We stayed at POR in 07 and really liked it. Great food court.


worth it, worth it, worth it! Busses, Pool, theming etc. Go for it!


[QUOTE=jimbo;932393]Our first stay was moderate CRB it was very nice, then next time we tried Value all star music. we got a upgrade to preferred room close to the food court shop and bus stop- we did miss the slide and extras at CRB.

We are returning to Moderate going to POFQ- hope its all that everyone here says it is:laugh:

Oh welcome to MouseBuzz :cool:[/QUOTE]

It’s not. I prefer Riverside :wink:


The pools are so much cooler @ the Mods. We tried to find something available during our 3/15 trip and still nothing open, but the travel agent is still checking for us. I am a little hesitant about staying @ a value after we have always done Mods but I think we’ll have a great time no matter what. I just like the Mods because we do spend some time there. We love the parks but don’t stay for 12 hours everyday - I love to hang by te pools and just relax.


I’m like Mickeymommy…it’s either value or deluxe (at least it was before I bought DVC). Pop has only 1 bus stop and doesn’t share it with other resorts (although it’s quite a hike when you’re leaving the parks). It’s a large resort but the theming was fun. I also like their food court (where else can you see all the CM gather to do the hustle?!) If I want an upgrade I’d save $$$ to go to a deluxe and on those trips I’d take time to go back to the hotel.


I think at this point, it’s either deluxe or value for us as well. I really don’t like the 4 and 5 stop bus loops at the mods and their beds are as small as the values.
As for the long walks to buses at the parks, Epcot and DHS present some long walks to some deluxe resorts’ buses as well.


we upgraded to a mod this trip due to the buy four get three free… we are staying at the riverside. we have always stayed at the values we love the music… im hoping the extra money is worth it also.


stayed at all levels and like the Pop for a value, great food court and one stop bus. Rooms are smaller, so it depends on travel party size, and depends on how long you will be there - are you spending most of your time at the parks and will depend little on the activities at the hotel?

My fav moderate is Carribean Beach Resort, but it is LARGE complex, family’s favorite is the old Dixie Landings – Port Orleans I think now.


Welcome to MB- my preferred mod is POR- its a lovely resort with everything you would need- I think you should try the upgrade if you can.