Mr. Potato Head MM Testing Video


Here is a video of the Interactive Mr. Potato head being tested over at the new attraction Toy Story Midway Mania in DCA. Thought you would all enjoy!

YouTube - Mr Potato Head at Toy Story Midway Mania


Hey that’s cool!


That is cute! I hope they have him at WDW too!


That is so cool.


That’s so cool…love his eyes and that he took his ear off!


Wow! That is really cool. I am not too familiar with the California parks, so I was wondering which coaster is passing behind the building, by the way?

Mind if I squeeze in a quick Florida question? At Studios at WDW, where will the attraction be, exactly?


That is California Screamin’, the area is themed after boardwalk amusement parks. Although the coaster has an old school look it is anything but… it has a launch system, a soundtrack, and a loop.

The Studios will have the ride in the old building that housed Who Wants to be a Millionaire and some of the old sound stages from the early days of the park. In addition, a lot of new building has been created, trees planted, lights added and so on. the whole area will be rethemed as Pixar Place at the Studios.


I see! Thanks wdwspider!


Hehe, a hot potato…

Thanks for the link! :happy:


Wow! What a great audio-animatronic!


Thanks for the link-brilliant!




I can’t hear you!



Very cool! I hope to see him soon:) Thanks so much for the link!


Very cool. I hope they have him at WDW too.


Oh, that looks great - if he’s not at WDW, it just means we have to plan a trip to DLR! :whistling