Mr Potato Head


Where is it that you can get the suitcase or box of Mr potato head parts for a set price? If I remember correctly it was in DTD but I am not 100% sure. Also, what does it cost and are they exclusive parts to Disney?


The toy store at DTD has it as well as the big store in Epcot. I think there are a few more places, but they are the ones that I remember off the top of my head.


They are in the character store at MGM as well.


This is my department. I LOVE Mr. POtato Head and we get one EVERY time we go to WDW and World of Disney in NYC. I get mine at MK by the judges tent. They also have at down town disney. World of Disney in NYC has special NYC parts. If u are looking for a certain part Pm me and I will see if I have xtra. If not I am going to WOD Sept 16 for my daughters b day and we will probally get a new potato head. If so I can maybe squuez a few parts in my box for u. I am a champ at getting parts. My record is 53 parts


We don’t even buy the potato anymore - we stuff the box with parts! I think it is $18.00 now. I have bought these things for all the kids in our family and now I have to keep adding parts to all of their collections! :laugh: DTD has the most parts in all of WDW.


I believe Pop Century gift shop has it as well.


Whohoooooo!!! I will be staying there. I like to collect diff parts… I think I will stop getting the potato and just get parts…


Tinkerbelle24, you buy a new potato everytime? I already have my mr potato head but I was hoping to get him lots of new parts. I got him last christmas and have the parts available you can buy through playskool but there are only 3 or 4 diff sets you can buy… I might have to get more than 1 box of parts when I go to WDW :laugh: I will have to make it to World of Disney in NY one day to get some special NY parts too.

Thanks everyone, I will be sure to make note of all the places you guys suggested and keep my eyes peeled for mr.potato head parts!


On my last trip I discovered they also have a similar thing with My Little Pony! When I was little, I was obsessed with My Little Pony, and now its back! I filled my box with tons of cute accessories and parts for it - so girly! Of course I had to get the Potato head box too!


I loved My little pony as well. I just sold my whole collection on Ebay a few months ago. It went for over $400.00 I have 25 opnies in the collection.


Yes. I usually get a new potato everytime. I have one on my desk at work and I have 4 in my churio cabinet dressed in diff Disney parts. My kids also have about 2-3 potatos and then they have a case that bed in the bags come in filled to the gills with parts… I get new parts EVERY trip to WDW and WOD