MrWills return to Disney world after 24 years


The window finally opened to return to Disney World on June 25th for a trip to start July 9th. We had been saving but never found the right time until now.We knew where we wanted to stay and where we wanted to eat but because it was the last minute type trip we booked it though our travel agent Monday the 27th of June.

The cast - Two adults in their 50’s
To - The Wilderness Lodge
For - 7 nights

We started at 3 am July 9th got to the bus to Chicago at 5:00 am and boarded our plane at 9:45 am. After a good flight we got to the Lodge about 3pm.


24 years–That’s a long time between trips. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. We were there about the same time, maybe we passed each other at some point.


How lovely for you! Let’s hear the rest.


great tr im excited


Oh my goodness, 24 years is certainly a long time. Can’t wait to read your trip report, and see Disney through your eyes.


The last time we were at Disney World was 1987 , before AK or the Studios.:blink:
But back to the trip report. After getting settled in and cleaning up a bit. We were off to dinner at the Grand Floridian Cafe. We both had steaks and we had the sampler to share for dessert.The food and service was wonderful.


Oh wow, that sampler looks divine!


Congratulations on your return to WDW!! I am so excited to read more about the specifics of your trip. I haven’t been to Disney in 11 years and thought that was a long time…Your posts are getting me so excited for our trip in 2 weeks!!


24 years wow I thought 5 years for me last year was a long time. Can’t wait to read more.


After looking around the shops and lobby at the Floridian we were off to the MK. What is interesting is that the last time we were at Disney World they were building the Grand Floridan.
Well after all the years the Castle stills makes you feel that warm magical feeling. We rode some of are old favorites, Pirates, HM and JC and then the Country Bear Jamboree.Then in was time for the ELP and Wishes. After Wishes we looked around Tomorrow land a bit then took a boat back to the resort.We were a little tired but when we got back to the resort we only found one of are bags made it in from the airport. I called Magic Express and they said they had a few problems and they would call when it came in. To make a long story short we did get the bag around 1:30pm the next day.


Great trip report and pictures so far. Sorry to hear about your bag not getting there on time. Can’t wait to read more!


Yeah! I love TRs with food pics :). Please continue…


congradulation on making it back after so long a period. it took me only 38 years to go for the first time and now I do not think I could go more than 2 years without getting there.


What a nice way to start your trip, dinner at the Grand Floridian:happy: Can’t wait to hear what you thought about your resort. Sorry about the bag snafu though:closedeye


Great TR! It’s making me hungry.


How wonderful to return after such a break. Your photos are lovely, and please continue with the TR and the lovely photographs.


Great TR! That dessert sampler made me drool on my keyboard. Looks oh so yummy! Can’t wait to read more.


Anxious to hear more! The food pictures look scrumptious!


24 days is to much for me.
Glad you’re back!
Hope you had a Magical Vacation!


24 years is a long time. I hope you both had the most magical trip ever. I look forward to reading all about it and seeing every picture. On a side note: that dessert sampler looked amazing!!!